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Monday, June 8, 2009


I finally found someone selling both volumes of the original production of Poldark. I spent the weekend watching 4 of 8 discs while spinning, dyeing and even doing my accounting homework. How managed to squeeze nearly 12 hours of movie watching in between all that work I will never know. I got a bunch dyed, including all the club orders which are drying and should ship out in a day or two!

My spinning is getting much better too. I finished this 5 oz batt of angora/alpaca blend and start on some awesome merino from LuLu's Yarns (I might have that name wrong but I know she's on etsy so Lux something so search for that undersellers. She was my secret pal last year and her stuff is gorgeous).

Tha cabled jacket is starting to frustrate me so were taking a break for a day or two. I managed to finish one shetland shopper on friday and it's great for holding almost anything. I can't wait to go to the "country" and got to some farmstands and fill it up.

I guess the weekend is over and I should get back to the after work relaxation.

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Linda said...

You must show us your spinning!