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Friday, November 30, 2007

Contest...not mine but still

So there’s a contest over at my cyber knitting friend Anna’s blog. What would you do with $200 to spend on knitting related goods? This was my answer:

I don't know. But based on how I spend when I have some extra cash put away
for a "knitting-spree" I think I would buy whatever caught my eye or sense of
touch. I don't think I could be "practical" with my purchases. I'd probably walk
around the store or fair (i'd like to be a fair if I had a choice) and just feel
and see everything I could. I just buy whatever called me to it. I love color
and soft textures. I like to feel like I'm melting into the fiber. So anything
that makes me feel like that I'd buy. Sometimes you just know you and a couple
of hanks are meant to be. And well a cool knitting bag. I have a problem with
knitting bags.

Yup that's what I'd do.

The contest runs till Friday (TONIGHT) at 7pm.

Good luck!

And I’m officially done posting for the month. I need a break…hopefully when I get back online you will have a new pair of socks to ogle. I’m becoming WAY too obsessed with sock knitting.
Happy end to blog post month!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tampon art and Socks

This is probably the most wrong thing I have ever seen. Now I’m a crafty person and I have never thought “lets make something with tampons!” Tampons people. I know this has nothing to do with knitting but seriously? I’m officially disturbed.
I'm also exhausted. Its been a loooong week and tomorrow is going to be another loooong day. All this work is taking away from my knitting. My sock is lonely and wants a mate. Maybe I can finish next week. It would definitely make me feel a lot better. I have gotten a chance to read a bit more of The Knitter's Book of Yarn: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing, Using, and Enjoying Yarn by Clara Parkes. I'm really enjoying it. I've been too tired to knit without mistakes but I can read. Its a great book. I didn't know a lot about different fibers and yarns when I started knitting and its nice to actually learn about the fibers I use and want to use. Check it out if you want to learn more about what you're passionate about.
Now I need a glass of wine. One more day of work and one more day of posting and I can take a break. I think we all need a little break from me and my rambling.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas is Coming!

Ysolda had this great idea on her blog about sending Christmas cards to her readers and I thought “Hey, I can do that too!” so if you’d like to participate please send your address to I will 1) send you a wonderful, non religious Christmas card (unless you want a more traditional religious card because I’m down with that too) and 2) NEVER EVER EVER let anyone else see your address because well that’s just not safe or nice (got to keep the good Karma flowing). I hope you all have fun with this. I’m starting to get very excited about the whole holiday season!

Things to ponder...

Is repetitive action virtuous action? If behaviour and conduct are merely repetitive processes then all human relationships actually cease. If I behave mechanically every day, - repeating a certain code of conduct which I have learnt, which I find profitable, or which is pleasant, repeating that over and over again, - my relationship with you ceases, completely - I have become a machine. - J. Krishnamurti

Then I am a knitting machine!

Tonight my boyfriend's old roommate comes to visit for 2 weeks. I wonder how he will respond to the 20 something knitting machine...

Monday, November 26, 2007

New Obsession

I had to work a little late tonight so there isn't much to report on the knitting front except that I'm now obsessed with Opal sock yarns. Check out all the different yarns they make. I heart self striping and patterning yarns!

Ok now back to my cocktail...I really earned it tonight!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Whoa we're halfway there...

One more sock done one more to go. I really love the colors and how they change! And I'm so psyched that I've finally figured out how to graft the toe properly (think you to the Teach Yourself Visually Knitting book, I couldn't do it without you). Now I just need to figure out where to start in this yarn so I can attempted to make a matching sock. If I can't I will just have to make two socks that look nothing like each other and I'm kind of ok with that.

I also bought Knitting America: A Glorious Heritage from Warm Socks to High Art by Susan M. Strawn today. I have been fingering this book in the bookstore for months and I finally just broke down and bought it. Its really interesting. I'm fascinated by the history of knitting and this will hopefully be the first of many books on this subject. The pictures are wonderful. I'm trying to be good and not peak ahead but I can't help myself.

I also found these wristlets I made years ago when we were cleaning out the little storage loft we have. I think they were made with that moonlit mohair Lion Brand yarn but I can't remember. They're those really simple wristlets you make from a rectangle you just stitch up the side and leave a thumb opening. I forgot how warm these things are and how fun!

We also picked up a few books on Brazil. We are going away with Carl's family for Christmas/New Years. They have rented a huge house on the North coast and we're going to try and get some scuba diving in if we can. I can't wait.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving #3

Yes I had my third Thanksgiving dinner tonight. And tomorrow I must start going to the gym again. We leave for Brazil at the end of December and I'm soooo not ready for beachwear. Anyway we had dinner with my mom tonight since we weren't able to spend Thanksgiving day with her. Carl and my mother were shocked that I hadn't seen A Christmas Store so after dinner they rushed me into the den and made me watch. It was great! I know understand why everyone loves this movie so much. I don't know how I made it 24 years without seeing that movie but I guess I always like A Christmas Carol and Rudolph so that's what I watched every year. I'm glad to have a new Christmas favorite thought NOTHING can beat The Grinch.
I got some more work done on the ankle socks. I'm really loving this yarn. Its so exciting to see what color is going to come next and how its going to look when it's all knit up. I kind of wish I could get a few more balls and make some crazy knee high socks instead of ankle socks. Maybe that will be my next pair...yah whoever told me socks would be addicting were right. They're awesome!

Friday, November 23, 2007

I know my first published designer!

Congrats to Jen on getting her sweater pattern Retropolitan Cardigan published in Son of a Stitch N Bitch!

Now everyone go out and make this sweater for the man in you life.

Thanksgiving Recap

I think its time for me to write a real post. My cold is in my chest now which stinks but I'm feeling better and today I get to spend the whole day at home which is nice. I feel like I never spend any real time in the apartment. So Thanksgiving was great. I went home to my mom's house Wednesday night I so could pick up my car. I love going to suburbs because I get to go to Target. I love Target. It's so clean and bright and there so much space in the aisles...Oh I love it. So I did a little shopping and a little admiring of the trees. I'm so happy they still have some of they're fall color! We had dinner at this little Mexican place we love called Casa Del Sol. Why do women love margaritas and guacamole so much? We all do it seems. Anyway I spent the rest of the night watching Wings and knitting.

Yesterday we I picked up my brother at the train station and we headed to CT to see my dad and step mom. We had a great time. Lots of wine and family and food. It was perfect. I somehow got my older brother to be DD so I could partake in the thanksgiving festivities (OK I'll just say it now, there side of the family drinks a lot but its fun!). The food was great. I learned that my dad doesn't know how to carve a turkey. He can butcher it though! But really who cares how you cut it as long as the food makes it on your plate. There was a little incident with the gizzards...I guess there were two packs in the bird and my step mom only removed one. My father affectionately named it the Turkey Tampon after it came flying out of the bird and onto the floor. It was funny.

All in all we had a great Thanksgiving and I managed to make some progress on the ankle socks. Of course I've been knitting so much lately my wrist is killing again. Time for my little craft wrist brace thingies.

I hope you all had a wonderful day!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you have all had a great holiday and didn't eat too much! I know I have, my tummy hurts. I spent today knitting and eating and drinking! It was great. I just turned the heel on my first of the ankle sock pairs.
I had an interesting thing happen this morning. I woke up in my bed at home, stretched, welcomed the day...and found a straight pin in my bed!!! I could have lost an eye!! Why in hell are there pins in my bed? What is my mom quilting in my bed when I'm not home??? I was very alarmed by this.
The cold is getting better its just in my chest. I will backing in fighting shape in no time. I have pics to post but they have to go up tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Home Sick

1) They don't mix well. I had to stop knitting last night. Apparently that was the sign to Carl that I really was sick and need to be put to bed.

2) I think the medicine was way too strong for me because I woke up feeling drunk, shaking and wanting to vomit.

3) I'm home...and I'm not leaving till I feel better. I'm not sure how much progress I will make on the socks but we'll see.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sick Again...

So I know 3 people that have had walking pneumonia over the last 3 weeks, 2 people with bronchitis and I've been sneezed on countless times by strangers on the was only a matter of time that I would end up with a cold. So tonight we find out if knitting and nighttime cold meds mix.

Eh I guess I can always frog it if its awful....

Monday, November 19, 2007

I have a case of the Mondays

Sorry not much to post. I'm 1) having an awful day and 2) getting sick. But my new socks are awesome.
I found some self striping sock yarn in my stash I'm going to cast on for another pair tonight if I'm feeling up to it.
I started my lace shrug last night but there seems to be something wrong with the pattern, the count is off or I'm off. Either could be true. So I'm a little mad it plus the company website doesn't work. I sent an email to the address listed on the pattern hopefully they respond.
I'm going to stop typing before I start to take my bad day out on all of you.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

FO Time!

All done!!

I'm so proud of them even if they are a little wonky. The next pair will be closer to perfect!

hmmm....what next???

Saturday, November 17, 2007

I love Saturdays

So today I'm having a nice lazy Saturday. I've been working on my second sock and its getting there. I should have a pair before the end of the week if all goes well. I switched over to the magic loop method and it seems to be going a lot faster than the dpns and to make it even better the ladders are going away! I'm not good at preventing ladders with dpns yet and this makes it so much easier.
I've also been pulling together my knitting books so we can put them up on these neat hidden bookshelves we have. I still think there are more somewhere in this apartment. Its not a big place how to do I always lose stuff...maybe I should stick to knitting.

Friday, November 16, 2007


I said no more SEX till I use up some more of my stash but I saw this sock yarn on at Yarn Store and I just had to have it!

I kinda stole this picture from the website but isn't just so pretty!
I can’t wait till it comes!

I also received my order from Knit Picks today so I’m really excited to play with all the interchangeable needles. And hopefully when the new sock yarn gets here I can cast on for a new pair of socks in magic loop…maybe even toe up! Damn I’m feeling adventurous today!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Living should be perpetual and universal benediction. - Why Lazurus Laughed by Wei Wu Wei

Describe a crafting-related moment of zen. What did it mean to you? Did you learn anything from it?

OririDraco posted this question on as a “Blogger Challenge” so I’m going to take it since I too hate to ramble in every post. So I’m accepting the challenge.

Describe a crafting-related moment of Zen? It seems like a simple question but for me I don’t think it is very straight forward. I don’t think I have ever experienced one clear cut moment of Zen while knitting but I think over all it has brought a more Zen like quality to my life.

When I’m knitting I sit and focus on my hands and what they are doing. It becomes meditative in a way. Knit 1 purl 1 knit 2 together…every pattern is a little mantra but instead of say om or reciting the Heart Sutra or pondering koans I just sit and be. Each stitch makes me a little calmer. And as time passes, my whole body relaxes and I guess it does become a Zen-like activity. I’m simultaneously connected and disconnected with my surroundings. It is probably as close as I will come to understanding the concept of emptiness without actively studying it or meditating on the idea.

Just as a tangent, the concept of emptiness is a great one. My final paper for Buddhism class in college was on this topic. It’s difficult to understand because your mind keeps going back and forth but I think that from this confusion you reach the “goal” of understanding (or not understanding). We are both self and non-self. I’ve always loved that idea.

Back to the main topic.

I haven’t learned anything from this but I have changed. It has been slow but I have gradually become a calmer person. I listen more whereas I used to talk talk talk. I am happier in the moment than I ever have been in the past. My brother and mother are always worrying about something, their health, current affairs, the neighbors, and I used to get sucked into their worry. Now I can separate from their worry, understand it and not let it affect me. I am finally happy just being (or not being).

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Seriously out of titles

So tonight was "What not to knit" night with the knitting group. It was funny. And its great to learn that even experienced knitters can make some really messed up projects sometimes. I showed off my hideous scarf which was my first ever project. I'll post picture later and trust me it is hideous. I finished the cuff of my second sock but forgot the pattern at home so I didn't know what to do next so I had to run out early so I could get back to my sock. So what I also learned tonight is that its just awful having to sit somewhere where everyone you know is happily knitting away and you're not. So to ease my pain I'm going to try to not watch the end of iRobot with Carl since this is the crap he watch when I'm not home and I'm going to move onto my heel flap. Wish my luck! Its getting colder and I need to make a pair.
Oh and when Jen posts the pics from tonight I'll try to steal a few (if that's OK with Jen) so you can all see our mistakes.

UPDATE: Check out the pics its just a sample of what we brought. I didn't want to put them all up since I'm not sure everyone wants their pic up on the internet for the world to see.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I honestly can't think of a ME...does that work?

On Friday I ordered from Knit Picks the Options Nickel Plated Interchangeable Knitting Needle Set, a book on magic loop and one long circular US #1 needle so I can start doing my socks with magic loop since I keep snapping these dpns left and right! Just want to mention here that I like the sox stix but I would stick to the rosewood. I snapped WAY too many of the onyx ones and at random points while knitting to really recommend using them so if you’re going to get them, stick with the rosewood. Anyway back to Knit Picks. So Friday I ordered and on Sunday I got home and looked at Ravelry to find that there is a thread on Knit Picks and their delivery. Apparently there are people out there who have had to wait an unusually long time for their purchases. This got me worried. The first time I ordered from there I wasn’t really waiting anxiously for what I purchased so I can’t say I recall how long it took. Now I am anxiously waiting for the purchase and I’m scared. I keep reading the thread and then checking the status and its still pending. Should I be nervous? My co-worker just ordered from them as well on Monday last week and hasn’t received her package though it has said it was shipped for a while. Is this a common problem or are we just experiencing a random glitch? I love their products and would still order from them I just wonder if this really is a common problem. If it is then I might just splurge for the express shipping from now on. Has anyone else had problems with their shipping?

Anyway, I purchase the Flair Jacket pattern from Knit and Tonic and I can’t wait to start. I promised myself that I cannot start the jacket or even buy yarn for it till I finish at least two more of the projects that I have in the queue already. But that doesn’t mean I can’t plan! I normally work with such boring and safe colors so I really want to do this jacket is something wild but wearable! My mom is in DC right now taking a color class so I’ve enlisted her to help me. She’s a quilter (or at least is going through a quilting phase because she’s been a knitter, a photographer, a seamstress…) but the color skills should be the same. I’m really excited to work with my mom on this. We’ve had a bumpy relationship over the years and it’s nice to actually have something to bond with her over. We might kill each other but we’ll have fun…doing…it…I guess that did come out the way I wanted it to but I think you all understand.

Now back to finishing some of these projects….

Monday, November 12, 2007

I am a Creative Genius!

My best friend (and ex romantic interest from college) and I were discussing my new socks. I said I needed to make it a mate. He said it would have one and I joked that he would find a mate too. Obviously my best friend is single and a little unhappy about it. Somehow this led us to jokingly discuss how I would knit him a girl if I could. And then it just started to get very weird. How strange would it be if I were knitting a version of him or he was knitting a girl version of him (he’s trying to find the female Rob) and it hit me…some one could write a book/movie/play about this. With hints of Frankenstein and maybe that wonderful 80’s classic Mannequin…you know with the right cast this could be amazing! Sometimes I’m just brilliant!

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Firstly I have finished my first ever sock!! And cast-on its mate. I think its mate might look better than the first in the end but I don't care I DID IT!!

The cuff isn't perfect and there are a few ladders but we all have to start somewhere

The toe also got a little funky. I don't think I totally understand Kitchener stitch for some reason. I just have to practice practice practice. To be a good girl I cast-on for the second sock. If I didn't I don't think I would ever make it.

I sat on the couch at Carl's mom's house and looked out at the view and knit. Slowly family members started to show up and some even knit with me. Its really weird but they all knit with these super long needles. They tuck one under their arm and knit with the other, it weird but whatever gets the job done right.

Its a great view

Carl teased me for bringing an umbrella. It was raining when we left the city but it turned out to be a beautiful day. He thought it would be cute to use my now useless umbrella as a parasol. He does have fair skin, we don't want to burn it. What a kook!

The table was set when we got there and the bird was already in the oven...and covered in bacon yum yum.

All the Nealon women started to cook. I tried to help but every time I asked them what I could do they said no no no. So I knit, enjoyed all the yummy cooking smells and took pictures. Here they all are together cooking away.

Of course while they were cooking Carl's nephew was running around and have a great time with his uncle. I was very happy when I saw he was wearing a Jeter shirt. He's uncle, the Mets fan, was a little upset. I think I know what Carl's getting Albert for Christmas.

He kept climbing into the chair and "transforming" into different evil characters. We don't know what his fascination with evil things was all about but he's a 5 year old boy so I guess no explanation is really needed. Needless to say no one could sit in that chair but him.

After a wonderful dinner we had a little too much fun with this odd modern lamp. Doesn't it look like Matt's at the hair dressers. Oh I think we had too much wine.

I was a great Faux-Thanksgiving. I can't wait for the real one. And maybe by then I'll have a new pair of socks!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Turkey Turkey

Good morning friends! I know its very early for me, especially on a Saturday but we have to catch an early bus out to Carl's mom's house in Southold, LI. Its a long bus ride and a reasonably far walk in the rain so we're up. Since we both have a difficult time figuring out what to do at holiday time (thanks to divorce) Carl's mom's side is doing thanksgiving today so that everyone can be present. I think its a wonderful idea, I just might need some sleep and drying off before I can even think of cooking or being festive.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I thought I'd start a list of what I'm thankful for:

  1. Carl - how he puts up with me I will never know but I'm thankful I have him in my life and I just love him to bits
  2. My parents. It really is awful that they got divorced but they're both happier now and well I have both my parents and wouldn't know what to do without them.
  3. My big brother. He's saved me from bullies, scared away the bad guys and taken care of me for 24 years. He's also sat on me and farted in my face, hit me with the whole "stop hitting yourself" game and generally annoyed me over the past 24 years. BUT he's my brother and I love him. And thank go the sitting on me and farting has stopped.
  4. And I'm thankful for knitting. It calms me down and keeps me sane in this nutty world we all live in.
I just notice that Carl is done packing. I guess I should do that too.

Happy weekend! I hope to finish my sock on the way out there!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Just Awesome

Ok so I found this website today and I have to say it’s amazing. Who knew there some many slutty knits out there? Check it out. It’s awesome. The only problem is that I’ve read the whole blog so I’m out of entertainment so start posting all those ugly and strange knits people…I need them!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Lesson Learned...

I tried to cast on and start a pair of fingerless gloves because apparently winter is here. I don't know where fall went but winter has come. I was fine through the ribbing then I tried to start the cabling pattern and well it didn't work out. I dropped stitches, messed up the pattern...basically I just had to frog it.

I learned my lesson. I need to stop being so ADD and just finish what I started. I guess its back to socks. I'll try these gloves when I'm done.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Yack Yack Yack

I'm tired of talking about me. What do you guys have on the needles? Post links to picture if you'd like. let's be interactive, I can't talk about myself all day everyday...its tiring for me god only knows how you all feel hahaha. So whatcha working on? I've obviously got my socks and well a number of other

The lighting is crap. I had to take this with my cell phone since I left my camera downstairs and well I was too lazy. But doesn't it look great? Its really coming along. A couple more inches and I think I can start the toe!! Then I just have to make another one, I hope I don't get secnd sock syndrome.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Flowers For No Reason

Who doesn't love flowers, especially for no reason other than because someone loves you. Today Carl sent me flowers. They haven't started openning that much yet but I have a few flower buds. Aren't they pretty.

I had a wonderful time at our knitting group meeting. We met at Jave Girl on 66th Street. I liked the place just wished it was open long. I always hate when knitting group ends. I guess now I will have to continue with the sock at home. Maybe there's something good on TV.

Monday, November 5, 2007


So we had a little accident on the bus this morning:

I guess it's a good thing I have 5! I ordered a new set of sox stix but in onyx this time. Maybe I won't break the onyx ones. I wonder how many more needles I will break...hmm...I guess I really can't be a skilled knitter till I manage to break a pair addi's like Jen haha.

Well I'm off for dinner and a movie at a friends place and I'm off to show him my sock. I'm very excited for him to see. He was there when I cast on!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sock News!

I'm super excited. I just turned my first heel!! This sock isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I'm so excited! I know its annoying when people post pictures of every little step of a project and I apologize I'm just so excited. Check it out!

We're not going to talk about how much was lost in Atlantic City. Luckily it was only play money from the boyfriend's boss and not ours. However, this weekend has shown me that he is never allowed to gamble without me or he loses a lot more. Silly boys and their poker. I'm not going to say it was my favorite thing however, I did have fun but I think this whole casino thing just isn't for me. Except there was a poor guy passed out at the slot machines at 12am so I have to admit there was some great people watching to be had.

Hopefully I can finish up the sock this week and show you all a finish project. I'm hoping I don't fall victim to the second sock syndrome. I wonder what the longest time between socks is? Let me know the longest its taken you to finish a pair. I've heard this can be quite a syndrome I wonder just how bad it can be...
Getting ready for the 100th episode of Family Guy!! I'm so excited!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Before I head out

We're getting ready to pick up the car and head to AC but i got a call from Tom last night after I posted saying he has been brainstorming on the t-shirt idea and has a few ideas for us. I'm so excited!! This might actually happen. I'll post more information soon.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Randomness and a New Venture

My friend sent me this link today. I think it was supposed to be a joke but I think its great. Camels are awesome. Not as great as alpacas but I like them to. I do think it’s a little funny that they have a whole reproductive center in Dubai for camels. I didn’t realize they needed reproductive centers. I’m going to have to look into this. Enough of the randomness.

Let night Carl and I were talking to our friend Tom who's a graphic designer about this idea we had. We came up with a few fun ideas for knitting related shirts and other garments. So were currently brainstorm ideas for slogans and images for the shirts. We thought with his help he could maybe take a few drawings and rough sketches and turn it into something cool. He also knows a few people who do screen printing which might be cool. I know it can be reasonably expensive but maybe if the iron-on varieties catch on we can move to screen printed t-shirts. I thought I could sell them through and advertise on the blog and maybe ravelry. If any one has some fun ideas or maybe was dying to have a shirt that said ______ let me know maybe we can come up with something cool you all would like. I think it would be a fun idea. Its also nice to get Carl interested in the whole knitting thing. I'm really excited about this new venture. I will keep you all posted.

Have a great weekend everyone! I head out to Atlantic City tomorrow night (for some reason, still not sure why we're going) so I am going to write down my ideas and thoughts while I'm away and post them when I get back sunday. I'm trying to keep up with the whole posting all of November. I've been banned from knitting in public this weekend so you will probably hear a little rant about that later.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Afterthoughts

So after looking at all the pictures my "friends" on facebook have posted I have realized that even out of college you're supposed to dress up like a modified hooker on Halloween...a themed hooker if you would. So I have decided that the pumpkin I knitted last night will henceforth be known as the Pimpkin! It will rule over all those who dress sluttly on Halloween!
College is over, stop dressing like you're a street walker...
Sorry, I know this is the "meaniest" post I've had so far but I've been drinking and the whorishness annoys me so I'm venting. I just know that the next thing I'm going to hear is how some guy said something or insinuated something you didn't want while you were dressed like a sluttly powerpuff girl. Come on. Cover yourself up and men won't treat you like a whore. Simple as that.
I apologize if I have offended anyone I just needed to get it out.