There's a bit of a sale at the shop!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


New Twist Collective is up! I'm probably late to the party but I thought I'd share anyway.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Elements Fiber Club

Tonight I launched the Elements Fiber Club over at the shop. Here are the details:

4 or 8 ounces (your choice) of buttery superwash merino roving inspired by one the four elements will be shipped to you every three months for a full year of spinning goodness:

March - Air
June - Fire
September - Water
December - Earth

Sign ups will close on February 15, 2009 to allow me time to dye up the orders.

I think this will be fun! I hope you all enjoy.

I must be taking crazy pills

With 29 days left before Christmas I had the brilliant idea of making my dad a sweater for Christmas. I just ordered the yarn from knit picks to make Smokin' by Jared Flood. I've been wanting to make my dad a nice old-man cardigan for while now and for some reason I thought this was the perfect time to cast on. The good things are that its knit in bulky yarn and my dad is very understanding. The bad thing is that my dad is HUGE! And there are no other males around of similar size so I can't even use them as a guide. I guess I will have to work with my stepmom to see if she can steal me a sweater of Dad's that I can then measure and work off of for size. Ugh its going to be a giant knit-a-thon till Christmas.

Thankfully the Baby Surprise Jackets are just about done. I hope to finish them tonight and then I just need to find buttons for the boy jacket and I'm done. Then I have my brother's hat but that shouldn't take too long since its just a hat. After that I think I'm done but who knows what else will show up on the knitting list.

And of course Kim Hargreaves has to have a new book out. The patterns in Amber are pretty but its still no Heartfelt. Though it doesn't keep me from drooling and wanting to buy the book. I need to get Thrown Together and Nectar too. Maybe Santa will get them for me...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Whoa Hang Over

I went to see Twilight last night with some coworkers and friends. We got to the theatre at about 5:30 for the 7:00 show. We smuggled in some spiked hot chocolate and some wine for the show (hey it was a Friday night). We waited in line stuffing ourselves full for junkie movie theatre snacks and eventually they let us in the theatre. It was a freaking mad rush to get to seats like a Loehman's sale in there. I think I punched a lady when I tried to wave to my friends to get their attention about some seats. Once the mayhem was over we settled in with our drinks and waited for the movie to start. Personally, I enjoyed the whole experience of the movie. It was cheesy and parts of it were just SO wrong but I enjoyed it as a movie. Plus, we were basically a theatre full of adult women acting like 14 year old girls and I was in the drunk section (we made friends with the other alchies that were sitting behind us). I had a great time.

After the movie my friends and I said by to my coworkers and headed out to find a bar. Somehow my plan of just going to the movies on Friday turned into an all night Twilight Party. So now I'm sitting here, unable to sleep anymore, kind of hoarse and with a headache. Thankfully all I have to do today is see Carl's mother...sweet! Hopefully I can shake this off before we meet up with her. Oh I also have to go to the post office. I can't forget to do that.

I hope you all had a good Friday night! Let me know what you thought of Twilight if you saw it. We were a pretty divided front last night.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Leaf Green Handmade

I keep forgeting to post about this but my lovely blogging friend Lin (of Queen of the Froggers) has an etsy store with really lovely handknit items. I recently purchased this super cute pouch (I stole your photo Lin because I can't find my camera at the moment):

I use it for all sorts of things but the mostly it hold my ipod. It's perfect for when I'm at the gym. I can throw my ipod, lock key and any other little things I need in there and carry it around with me. 

She recently reviewed me and my shop as part of a little blogging experiment called "People Behind the Shop". You can read my interview here but you all know who I am. I really just want to spotlight Lin and her shop because frankly, she's awesome. And I like to support my fellow knitter, blogger and/or etsy sellers.

Now I'm off to find warm clothes and some dinner.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I just found the most awesome thing I've ever seen!!! They have FRAGGLE ROCK on dvd!!

Shop Update!

I updated the shop tonight.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Woo Hoo

I crochted something!

It really is some "Thing" its all wonky and strange but its a start. I will cherish it forever...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sleepy and Stained

Since the rovings basically sold out in a day I needed to go home today to dye up more. I managed to dye about 8 more things of roving, 5 skeins of lace weight, 3 special skeins for my friends at L&V and 4 bulky skeins for a christmas present. I'm totally exhausted and my hands are all stained. I never know how to explain the stained hands when I go back to work the Monday after dyeing. I wonder if anyone really notices my blue, pink, brown, green...whatever color fingers. I wonder what they would say if they knew. Maybe they don't notice but I should really be more careful when I'm dyeing. 

I also picked up one of my 6 (Yes SIX) textbooks for the CFA I exam that I'm taking in June. I guess life as I know it is over till exam is over. Its going to be weird studying again but I need to do something to further my career. So study it is. I tried to start on the train tonight but I kept falling asleep. I guess I can start tomorrow when I'm rested.

After reading the comments I think I have to tell you all that I do wear gloves while I'm mixing and dyeing but I think I get dye on me during those times when they're off. I think I need to pay more attention since I just attract dirt.

Oh and can someone explain to me the point of yarn dots?

Friday, November 14, 2008

So close but so far

I was about to complete my Baby Surprise Jacket and then I ran out of yarn about 40 or so stitches from the end. I'm so mad because I'm completely out of the pink color. Luckily I have another ball on order from Knit Picks and hopefully I'll get it soon. So sad, I really want to seam this one up this weekend. But you have to move on so I've put the stitches on a holder and I guess I'm going to cast on the second Baby Surprise Jacket tomorrow. 

This one is for Carl's nephew, Tommy, and will be made in cream and red. Because they live in Argentina I want to pick up some little soccer ball buttons for his sweater. Now I only have to figure out what kind of buttons to put on Violetta's sweater? Maybe I can run to Joanns when I'm at home this weekend and see what they have.

Now its back to relaxing! Oh and, 7 MORE DAYS TILL TWILIGHT!!!


Ok its not my contest but its a contest. Tell Karen the Choo Choo Knitter you're secret obsession!

Go now! (look at me being forceful)

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I've been feverishly working on the Baby Surprise Jacket for Carl's niece and I've made a lot of progress. I've been watching along with Meg Swansen's video to ensure I don't make a mistake.

I'm scared I might run out of the pink color so I'm trying to use as much of the white as possible since I have 3 or 4 balls of it. Fingers-crossed I have enough yarn.

Sorry this is going to be a rather distracted post because I made the mistake of trying to write this while watching Little Britain USA. I can't focus, must watch and laugh.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm a Yarnie

I've been added as a Yarnie on Ravelry so stash your purchases and projects so I can see what you make!

Monday, November 10, 2008


I finished the Winter Twilight Mittens. I even weaved in the ends!! 

They're perfect!

Now all I have to do is finish my:
  1. Gossamer Shawl
  2. Clapotis
  3. Mesh Gloves
  4. The Argyle Socks for my Grandpa
  5. Brother's Christmas Present (shhh its a secret)
  6. Swirl Shawl
But I think I might cast-on a Baby Surprise Jacket for one of Carl's nieces but then I have to think of something else to make for all the other little ones in his family. That means I have to figure out 3 other little kid/baby project that will whip up relatively quickly. Any suggestions?

Ok I'm going to get back to Inside the Actors Studio and enjoying my very warm and stylish hands!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

In my dreams

When I was in Alexandria, VA last weekend we went through the old torpido factory which is now being used as artist studio space. Each artist has their own little studio space where you can watch them work and see their art. I wish I could find a small space of my own somewhere in this city to setup a studio. Unfortunately, dyeing yarn/roving isn't really considered "art" by those who would be able to provide space like that (oh and I don't live in Virginia) so I guess I will have to be content dreaming about it. It would be so lovely to have a little space to call my own with a large table/work surface, a stove and oven, a sink and nice lighting. It would be great if I didn't have to pack everything away into a plastic tub at the end of the day like I'm packing away part of me. Plus, it would just be nice to have a space of my own. 

Oh well, one day.

Friday, November 7, 2008

I was on my way to get coffee

when I saw that someone had posted this at Ravelry:

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Shop Update

I added my first ever rovings to the shop. There are a few in the bunch that I really want to keep for myself but they're for the store so I have to part with them.

here's a sneak peak:

WOW half my rovings are gone and its been just over an hour since I put them up!! Thank you guys for the support! I guess I have to dye some more rovings for you all.

Sometimes I love mornings

I'm sitting here having my coffee and watching Saved by the Bell and its still awesome. They're playing a beach episode, I loved when they worked at the beach club. Oh those crazy kids.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Exploding Brain

Since class ended on Sunday my mind has been very busy coming up with designs. As I was walking to work this morning I passed a lady in lovely grey cardigan and thought...oo if I tweak this and add the time I got to work I had an entire sweater outlined in my head. I'm guessing its time for me to grab a notebook so I can commit these ideas to paper. I'm excited about this new creative spark. However, I think knitting is starting to take over my life. I don't mind but I'm running out of room in my little brain for other non-knitter things. Oh well, I guess it could be worse!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I heart Stefanie!

I just got back from my knitting retreatie thing with Stefanie Japel and I have to say I had an amazing time. If you don't know who she is you really should because not only is she an amazing designer she's also the sweetest person I think I have ever met. My friend and I drove down to Alexandria, VA on Friday afternoon and we arrived just in time to meet Stefanie at Knit Happens so we could get our books signed (oh yah she has a new book out called Glam Knits and its great!). We arrived at the store around maybe 8:30 so it was pretty quiet. We got some alone time with her before the classes started the next day.  I have to say I was a little in awe of her. What do you say? "um, I like your patterns I think they're neat" ...actually that might have been what I said now that I think about it. Luckily, my friend can talk to anyone about anything so I just let her go and jumped in when I could (and I probably jumped in with super insightful comments like the one above).  One thing we didn't realize when we signed up was that we were the only people coming in from out of town so once we checked in with the ladies at the shop they were a like "so you guys are the ones from New York, we were waiting to meet you. I can't believe you all drove down here for this that's awesome." Soon it seemed like everyone knew we were the knitters from New York. It felt a little like we were extra special for making the trip. I'm sure we weren't but it put a little spring in your step whenever someone in class would turn to you say "oh I heard there were a few girls coming from New York its so nice to meet you."

We left Stefanie to find some dinner and stumbled upon this really cute Spanish/Mexican/South American (we still aren't sure what kind of food it really was) place and decided to grab some margaritas and some food (which do you think was my priority!). We walked in and were instantly amused. All the waiters were dressed in costume (it was Halloween) while the patrons were dressed rather smartly. The lady next to us was actually wearing a tweed jacket with leather elbow patches! Anyway, the whole time we're there more and more waitstaff appear in increasingly more bizarre costumes. There was an Arab, the scream guy, Dracula (of course), a slutty bee, a slutty little Miss Muffet and our waiter a little man in a giant afro and tie-dyed shirt. The whole thing was surreal and we just laughed and laughed (ok some of the laughing may have been alcohol induced). The food was amazing, the drinks were strong and all in all we had an awesome time. We got back to the hotel knit, giggled and passed out.

My other friend drove down from New Jersey Saturday morning and met us at the hotel just in time to walk to class. We spent the whole day learning how to construct a top down raglan, how to add design features and adjust for our body types. And then we all got to work designing our own creations. I've had this one idea in my head for quite some time now so I was really eager to get it out of my head and onto some paper. Stefanie helped me work out the kinks and by Sunday I had it started on my needles. Now when I say started, I mean that I have 9 rows done but I know how to make the body. I need to figure out my sleeves and my collar but I figure get the body done and then I can move onto the other bits, right?

It was a great weekend and now I'm super tired and want to crash. Before I do, I want to share the only picture I got all weekend. This is our entire class with Stefanie:

Yes, that's me in the front with the Glampyre herself. I don't know how I got to be in front or why I'm slouching in such an unattractive manner but its photographic proof that I have met I real knitting celeb! Now that we've met her, my friends and I think she needs to move her little butt out of New Mexico to New York because...well...we're selfish and want her here!

Ok time to unpack and maybe sleep. I hope you all had great weekends too!