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Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Day!

The good thing about a year leap year is the extra day of knitting. After a long week of work, bumps, bites and odd skin reactions I’m ready for the weekend. Carl is out with boys. For some reason this is really bothering me tonight and I’m trying not to succumb to the urge to scream and use dirty girl tricks to get him to come back home so I’m making a nice little night for myself. I’m going to watch the new Jane Austen movies that came today that chronicle her society and works (the one on herlife isn’t here yet) while knitting my skirt. I have a good 8 inches completed and I’m rolling through. The only thing that’s getting me is the number of stitches and how tiny they are. When this is done I might need to knit something with bulky yarns. There have been too many finely knit projects of late.

We still have not figured out what I’m having an allergic reaction too or what is biting me but we know what it isn’t. The doctors have ruled out all the gross things like bed bugs, scabbies and other sorts of mites. Hopefully we can narrow it down enough to find the culprit and stop this. Till then I will take the antihistamines and wait.


The emails from across the pond keep coming in. I received a lovely email from an 81 year old lady who receives projects from companies and knits up garments for them. Some of the garments she’s knit have been sold at Barneys! How amazing is that? I would love more than anything to just sit by her side and watch her knit. Surely she is a true craftswoman. Imagine the things you could learn just from watching some one like that.

Ok back to my “girl-night”…I think I need more friends…

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Could Knitting Bring World Peace?

First, I’m sorry about yesterday’s post. I think I just need to get that out of me and the blog seemed like the perfect place. Now that that’s over let’s all move on shall we?

I do have knitting related material for the day. As some of you might know I’m a little obsessed with collecting knitting magazines and other publications and I’m a total anglophile. So it won’t be shocking for you all to learn that I’m obsessed with British knitting magazines. I especially adore Simply Knitting they have great articles and patterns but those aren’t my favorite bits. I simply love the free gifts, which are always fun, and the pen pal section. Who wouldn’t want to make more knitter friends? And as connected as we all are these days it seems the art of correspondence has been lost. I have written letters to a few ladies that have been featured in the pen pal section and have heard back from one or two. A few months ago I submitted my name to the list and they actually featured my letter in the new issue. The issue isn’t in the States yet but the emails have already started.

I have heard from so many lovely ladies (no men yet but maybe there will be soon?) and it’s just wonderful. One lady has spondylosis myopathy which I understand is very painful. Her note was so full of cheer it made me think about all the bitching I’ve been doing of late. Here I am complaining about spider bites like they’re small pox and there are people with real pain and suffering that are chipper and happy with life. If they can be happy and not complain then I can be too. Another lady has 6 kids and a few grandchildren. It’s always interesting to hear about the inner workings of large families. Another 24 year old emailed me this morning, she’s a novice and she just finished her first sweater! I haven’t made a sweater yet but it is my goal for the year to finally make the Flair Jacket by Wendy Bernard. Anyway, there are so many emails and they just keep rolling in.

I’m always amazed at how many new people I have met just because I knit. It’s such a humble simple craft and yet it has the power to bring women together even if they are thousands of miles apart. I have one complaint, WHERE ARE THE MEN? I know you’re out there. Speak up, join us, we love you! I know one male knitter and I feel like that just isn’t enough.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I need a vent

Warning this has nothing to do with knitting so if you want to hear about knitting and nothing else turn away now otherwise enjoy

Women who still quote Sex and the City in their AIM away messages make me want to puke a little. I HATED this girl in high school for just being annoying (and have a 4 Ferraris at the age of about 13) and she has the following quote on her AIM away message

But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you you love, well, that's just fabulous.”

Currently, she’s also dating my ex. He was/is a total asshole so she can have him. He was my High School crush, Mr. Sexy QB. Never date your crush. It ruins a perfectly good fantasy. Whether or not I liked him in the end is beside the point. She’s awful. I’m probably jealous of her but I’m never going to fully admit this to myself because that would just be wrong! I’m way too grown up to be jealous of the rich girl who tried to steal my 7th grade boyfriend and is currently dating my ex…do I sound jealous? Of course not! I’m above it. Maybe I just don’t like positive upbeat TV show quotes…or maybe I just don’t like the girl.

Now all this completely pointless hatred makes me think about this whole grownup thing. Am I grownup? Will I ever grow out of the rivalries I’ve had forever? When I think about it this reminds me of The Jane Austen Book Club when the high school French teacher character gets mad at her husband for talking to her high school rival at her mother’s funeral. He tells her high school is over. Her rebuttal, “HIGH SCHOOL IS NEVER OVER!” Is this true? If it is, can we ever really grow up if we can’t let go of the silly things that happened in the past? We know these things are childish and meaningless in our current “adult” lives but for some reason many of us, myself included, seem to be drawn into them still even if just for a fleeting minute. Why is that?

After all this I’m going to say to Ms. Ferrai, I’m sorry I still hate you, you don’t deserve it and frankly I have no idea who you are anymore so it’s really not fair. There is not just reason for all this, bear with me as a growup.

I feel a little better now.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I know I cursed...I'm bad...forgive me...but you would curse too!

About two weeks ago I woke up one morning with an itchy knuckle. I scratched and scratched and scratched all day at work and it slowly drove me insane. I was washing my hands later that day and I realized I had some weird spider bite like this on my knuckle. It was awful but what can you do.

TODAY, I’m sitting at work and my palm starts itching. And it just won’t stop. I look at it and realize I have more spider bites!!!!!! I seriously can’t take this. Where it is keeps rubbing against things like my wrist rest thing for my keyboard and my KNITTING! I was squeezing in a few rows before work when and the yarn in my hand kept making my palm feel funny. I thought nothing of it mainly because I hadn’t had any coffee yet so I could think I could just knit. Now I’m realizing just why I was having those weird sensations.

I hate them. They must die! I have a call into my mother for a good spider killing spray and if any of you have any suggestions let me know. I also called Carl today to tell him we NEED to move because this can’t happen anymore. Till then I need toxic spider killing sprays!

Monday, February 25, 2008

I need things to slow down

Sometimes I just wish I could be left alone. Maybe that’s why most weekends are spent inside for two days knitting. Things just get so crazy in this city. Phones ringing all the time, people everywhere, emails at all hours of the day and night. I feel like we all work 24/7 and the stress is going to kill us all. I’m lucky enough to have a boss that respects my nightly private time but Carl not so much. When I get home I can peel away the layers of stress that have built up all day and try to relax. Carl’s work just picks up as his clients get off work and start thinking about their personal lives. Lately, his phone, emails and general stress have started to get me stressed out. I don’t think this is good for either of us. I find myself wanting to scream at him when he picks up his phone at 10pm because some ASSHOLE needs to talk about an apartment he wants to see. But then I remember that he has to do this to make a name for himself or he will never make it in the NYC Real Estate business. Nevertheless it’s completely annoying. It’s bad enough when my work interrupts my private life let alone someone else’s.

Carl thinks my staying indoors in our tiny apartment most weekends is a sign that I’m becoming depressed or something. Trust me I’m not. I’m so happy to actually have time to enjoy our apartment. We pay all this money to live in this place I want to enjoy it. I get two days a week (if I’m lucky) where I don’t have to answer to anyone but myself. It’s just wonderful. I wish I could get him to understand this. Maybe I need to get him to knit or do carpentry things or something to show him how to slow down and enjoy the process of something as opposed to rushing and talking and making deals.

I just wish things could slow down and people could have private lives again. I don’t want to become some uptight workaholic New Yorker and I don’t want Carl to be either. I’m just going to have to nip this in the bud now!

After this little rant I should probably show you my progress on the Ocean Toes and my Puffball Skirt so here you go! Thanks for listening!

I have about 5 inches of the puffball skirt complete and I’m loving it. I’m just not loving the looooooooong rounds.

The ocean toes are going I’m just so bored of socks right now.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Its been too long

I can’t believe it has been a week and a very busy one at that. Where to begin? Well our weekend away at Lizzie Borden’s house was great. No ghosts played with us though. I stayed up every night reading hoping someone or something would come out and play and it never happened. Carl told me that you can’t wait for them they’ll come when they come. Oh well. Some other people in the house had some “odd” things happen to them so I was a little jealous. Either way we had fun. We spent Saturday in Newport, RI touring The Breakers which used to be the Vanderbilt Estate. It was beautiful. Sunday we drove home and stopped at my dad’s for a late breakfast.

Me on the “death couch” where Mr. Borden was killed (not the real couch)

The beautiful Vanderbilt Estate, I think I could live there

Me at Lizzie’s grave, Carl wouldn’t let me lie down on it so I sat

This week has been a little crazy at work so I didn’t do much but work, read and knit. But on Thursday night we went to see Spamalot. Carl got me tickets for Valentine’s Day and I was totally excited. It was a great show. Clay Aiken (sp?) can’t really dance but boy can he sing.

As I mentioned before I did get some knitting done this week! I’m half way through the foot of the first of my Ocean Toes but I unfortunately have no pictures to show you. I did finish the stockings and I do have pictures!

They’re super cute and I feel like I really accomplished something. I also cast on for the Puffball Skirt from Couture Knit. I’m about 4 inches in and its going great. There are a lot of stitches in a round (the max will be 780!) so a round does take a while but its pretty simple knitting. Some yarn overs, some purling but mostly stockenette. I’m trying to figure out why this project is listed as an “advanced” project. Maybe it’s the knitting in the round? Either way I’m loving it and I can’t wait to show you all a finished skirt!

I promise to be better with the posting this week. First quarter is always awful at work but I will need the escape. I hope you all had a great week!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day we're off to chase ghosts!

After a wonderful Valentine's Day, despite my migraine, I have to work till 4 today and then we're off to the Lizzie Borden House for the weekend. I can't wait to curl up with Carl and literally have him chase the ghosts away. And of course I will have my trust needles to help protect me.

One of my co-worker sent me this little story on Lizzie Borden if you to share some of the experience.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What's in the stars?

So this is my horoscope for today...when the heck is this conversation going happen? Do I really get a raise today? There are still a few hours left in the day, maybe my boss will call me tonight to tell me the good news...

...or I can just knit till I fall asleep.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


...The stockings are D-O-N-E DONE DONE DONE!!! The ends need to wooven in and they need to be blocked and well I do have to make the garters BUT the hard part is over. I feel so accomplished! When the garters are finished and everything is washed and blocked I will model them for you all I promise.

I did start the garters, well one, and I got a few inches in before my wrist started to hurt too much. Sometimes I think I over do it with the knitting a little but when you're on a roll you go with it right?

Only about um...20 inches to go and then another 26.5 of a new one. I think this will be my bus knitting for the week.

But now that I'm finally done with the stockings I was able to caston the Ocean Toes for the Knit Along with Knitwits KAL. I'm really didn't like them at first but you know what, they're growing on me. I bought new yarn for them from the store in the lobby of our new building, Stitches East. Now I have to say I had heard the ladies there were mean and I have shopped there before but never interacted with anyone there. On friday, I went to find new sock yarn because I thought if I could get excited about a yarn I might just get excited about these socks (thank you jitterbug for making awesome sock yarn). In the process of picking out yarns I actually talked with some of the ladies that work there and I have to say, I take it back, they were lovely. So if you're in midtown on Park Ave stop by their shop. They have lovely things and the ladies aren't as mean of the reviewers on citysearch made them out to be.

Don't ask me what colorway this is because well I didn't look and I can't find the label right now. I do like it a lot and the socks are coming out pretty cool. Damn you Ocean Toes, I tried to hate you but I can't.

When I'm done with these I think I need a break from the socks (I know shocker!). And I'm going to get this Puffball Skirt done and the Flair Jacket as well. I have spent WAY too much money on the yarn for these projects not to make them. Plus I really want to wear them! Hopefully these socks will continue to knit up quickly.

I also watched The Jane Austen Book Club this morning and it was great! Not quite a Jane Austen novel but for the Jane obsessed it was a nice salute to her timelessness.

Lastly, for all my You Make my Day nominees thank you for all your kind responses. It is hard to pick just ten blogs. There are so many great knitters with wonderful knitting blogs out there. I love this wonderful knitting community the web has established. I used to knit alone and thanks to the web I have found a knitting group in my area (you all rock PS) and I have made so many knitter friends around the world. Knitting really does bring people together. Maybe that's really why I love it so much.

And since Carl's out showing apartments all afternoon I can blast some Josh Groban and get back to my knitting.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

You Make My Day

I'm a little late but So KnitPicky gave me a You Make my Day Award earlier this week, Thank You! I remember when I started blogging how excited I was to see maybe 1 or 2 people read the blog. Now that I have a few people it feels great. I never thought anyone would really care about what I have to say but I'm glad that at least so of you enjoy my ramblings. Thank you for reading.

I'm supposed to pick 10 blogs now to give this award to so here I go:

  1. Knitting up a Storm
  2. Knitting Knews
  3. Queen of the Froggers
  4. Ysolda
  5. You Knit What - Part 2
  6. Shut up I'm Counting
  7. See Jo Knit
  8. Subway Knitter
  9. NH Knitting Mama
  10. BarknKnit

Now these are in no particular order but they are blogs I love to read and I'm sure you will too. Also, there's a little contest over at BarknKnit. She would like to know how you and your sweetie met. There are some wonderful stories over there. Check it out! And let her you know you came via my blog!

I'm also very pleased to tell you all that I have started to turn the heel on my VERY LAST STOCKING! I hope to have them finished by Monday so I can cast on my ocean toes for the knitting with knitwits KAL. Or maybe the skirt or the flair jacket...we'll see I guess.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Pomper C'est Super Cool

So last night BGF was a guest vocalist for this acapella group Duwende. We apparently went to school with some of the group members but I did not know them. He's a vocal percussionist and is BFF is the vocal percussionist for the group...I don’t know but its kind of a big deal for him. Anyway, so Carl and I went down to The Bitter End last night to show our support! It was a great time especially their last song Pomper which basically is a silly song in French about how push-ups are super cool! It had me in stitches (stitches get it this is a knitting blog...yup I'm a dork). I forgot that they did that song. I saw them once when I was in college and I remember laughing my tush off then too. It was a good night and BGF was adorable and I'm so happy Carl came and suffered through it (I learned form BGF this morning that Carl looked a little bored, I wouldn't know I was watching the performance). But I love him for trying to seem interested.

Anyway...That's all I've got. No FOs and not much progress on my WIPs so I'm trying to distract you with various factoids about my life...distracted yet?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Going to bed at 9:30 is wonderful...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Neeeeeeed Sleeeeeeeep

So last night I could have gone to jail...if I had done all the things I wanted to do to Carl last night. Carl had to work late and BGF came over, we cooked dinner (I cooked he opened the wine) we had some ice cream, some wine, watched a little Family Guy. BGF left, Carl finally came home around 11. He was wired I was tired and a little drunk (1.5 bottles two do the math). I managed to stay up with him for a little bit but then I was exhausted. I went to bed and was almost asleep when Carl came to bed. I think he was a little tipsy because he was in a really silly mood. I was no longer asleep. He was then passed out and snoring....loudly. I actually spent 30 minutes just hitting him and yelling at him to roll on to his side. He didn't move. I tried to sleep on the couch, I tried reading, I tried everything. By 2:30 am I just wanted to smother him...I've never felt such a strong urge to smother anyone in my life. If I had succumbed I would be in jail right now. Somehow I managed to get him to wake up and go on the damn couch himself. I managed to squeeze out a couple hours sleep.

Now I am exhausted. I knit about an inch of the stockings and now I'm so tired I can't see straight. It is time to sleep.

Oh to top off my night/day, Carl called me today at work to whine about how tired he was...HE'S TIRED!!! Psssssssssshaw!! Heck no, tonight I'm the only one in this house who can complain about being tired.

Night everyone! And excuse any spelling and grammatical errors I will fix in the morning.

Sunday, February 3, 2008



As much as I don't understand football I definitely found that to be an amazing game! AND I found a solution to my earlier freak out, I needed to knit something quick so I could feel the satisfaction of a FO. So I made a hat today!

I based it off of Le Slouch but I made some modifications so that I could use the butterfly stitch and have it be a little bigger around since I had heard Le Slouch ran a little small. I really love it. And the boys were mighty impressed when at the end of the game I had completed a hat! I'm apparently productive!

I feel much better now and can get back to my stockings....Sigh

Books Football and PANIC

I finish The Seduction of the Crimson Rose yesterday. I always hate when a good book ends. I was so totally wrapped up in the world of Lord Vaughn and Mary and French was great. This is Lauren Willig's 4th book in the series and I've decided to start again from the beginning. I realized that I don't remember how all the characters related to each other anymore. Plus I'm in the mood for a good romance!
The only problem is that with all this reading I'm not knitting my stockings!! Which I'm going to be honest with you, is starting to freak me out! I feel like they're never going to get done and I really want to finish them. I have so many projects in the queue and a sock KAL to start which I haven't even looked at the pattern really...this is a knitting panic!!!!! I need more knitting hours in the day.

Super Bowl isn't helping either. We have a party at a friend’s house and I'm not "encouraged" to bring my knitting. I don't know why but the guys we know just hate it when I knit. Frankly, I don’t think it's fair. I don’t like football so I should be allowed to do something I like while I'm forced to watch football. I hate boys sometimes! I know I sound like I'm 4 but sometimes I feel like they are and they bring me down.

Ok I'm going to squeeze in some knitting time this morning before I have to stop at 5. I'm sneaking in my knitting though and I'm going to wait till they start to get a little drunk and I'm just going to hide in the corner and knit. I'm standing my