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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Has it really been 4 months?

Man does time fly? I can't believe my last post was in July! A lot has happened since then. I'll do a super quick recap.

Most importantly I found my Lady Eleanor shawl so everything is now right with the world.

At the end of July I ended up hurting my arm and spent over a month trying to get rid of my cubital tunnel syndrome. There wasn't much knitting going on during this period but I tried to finish the Cabled Riding Jacket for our Ireland trip at the end August but I failed. It still needs a sleeve and collar but I'm a little to mad at it to work on it at the moment. I think the cables are what hurt my arm the most so I'm bitter.

Ireland was absolutely amazing! I wanted to post throughout the trip but my little netbook didn't work half the time we were there. While we were in Ireland Carl finally popped the question so I'm now officially engaged which is super exciting and a little scary since I now have to plan a wedding (eek!). We have a date, 10/9/2010, a reception place and we meet with the Reverend this weekend. I think we're making good progress.

September was uneventful. I basically spent the month going to PT and trying to get my arm back in tip-top shape. I got to a point where I could knit again and I finished a really lovely sweater of my own design and I'm in the process of writing up the pattern. I really want to get it written and maybe submit it to just for kicks. When they reject it I can just put it up on ravelry for all to see. I really like this sweater I think its classy but sexy. Hopefully it's unique enough for knitty to want it.

Last weekend was Rhinebeck and of course I went. Saturday was also my birthday so I spent the day buying myself many presents, petting sheep and gorging myself on yummy food. The only negative was that it was so cold that I couldn't even be bothered with taking pictures. That and I had so much stuff I could barely carry it all. Of course now my arm hurts again but I'll just have to try to not knit for a little while (yah right) and it will be better.

I hope there are still people out there reading this but if not that's cool. I'm looking forward to blogging again. Especially, with all this wedding planning I think I'll need somewhere to just let it all out. I hope you've all had a great four months!! And we'll talk again real soon.


Linda said...

Loads of great news! Congratulations on your engagement and happy birthday! x
I want to see your sweater!! Best of luck for it to get into Knitty. I find it hard writing patterns. I hope the arm thing gets better. Cables give me aches too so I tend not to knit them now.
Nice to read you again.

Kelly said...

Hi! You might remember me from Dora's Saturday knit days...I'm Kelly. I think I was knitting on my Ingenue the last time we got together (finished, love it, and got many compliments at Stitches East!). Congratulations on your engagement...what a fun time! And, good luck on your Knitty sweater! Hope to see you in the next issue!