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Wednesday, December 3, 2008


It's been quite a week. Because both our parents are divorced we have quite a bit of traveling to do each holiday season. Thursday we split up and I went to my mom's and Carl went to his dad's. Then on Friday we went to my Dad's in Connecticut and then we took an early morning ferry to Port Jefferson, NY on Saturday so we could drive over to his Mom's place on the Northfork of Long Island. Finally on Sunday we got to come home and not eat turkey.  In addition to adding more miles onto my car I did manage to finish both Baby Surprise Jackets and the hat for my brother so I really do feel like I accomplish something and I gorged myself on 3 thanksgiving dinners.

The yarn for Dad's caridgan showed up on Monday and I cast-on as soon as I got home from work. I now have about 6 inches done. We watched a Stephen Segal (sorry if I spelled that wrong but I just don't care enough to learn how to spell his name) movie last night and I managed to get through a lot of stockinette while watching trying  not watching). I'm still worried that the XL will be too big for him but my Step-mom confirmed that he is indeed an XL. I can wrap the thing around me twice!! I just don't think my Dad is that big but Carl says he's a big man (both in height and girth) so I shouldn't worry so much. So I'm going to just keep going and trust that I'm doing this right.

We have people coming over tonight so I need to get off the computer and finish cleaning. And I should probably try to get a few rows done on the cardigan before they get here...stupid guests...

Oh and I keep meaning to tell you all the read the Sookie Stackhouse books, you know the one's that TrueBlood based on. They're so good! I'm now on book 6 and I have to say I love Eric and Sookie needs to stop it with these other supernatural beings and just hump Eric. (sorry for the rant) You probably don't understand what I'm talking about so just go read the books. I promise you'll like them.

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Brena said...

I put those books on my Christmas list! I can't wait to read them.