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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Catch up time!

You're not going to hear a lot from me over the next few days/weeks. Monday night, my lovely and clutsy Carl tripped over over the power cord for the laptop which pulled the laptop to the ground. It landed on the connector between cord and computer and pushed the whole female connector inside the computer so basically my computer is fucked.

Anywho, I managed to study for my CFA exam some more, finish Dad's sweater (yippie!) and finish the felted bucket all on Monday. Of course I still have months worth of studying to do. I still have to clean Dad's sweater and give it to him. Hopefully that will happen before it gets too warm to wear the damn thing, AND I still need to felt the felted bucket. But all in all I think I had a rather productive day.

With all those projects out of the way I started working on the jacket I was designing in my class with Stefanie Japel. After working with all that natural raw wool for the felted bucket the malabrigo felt orgasmically soft. I can't stop knitting with it. Hopefully I can finish this jacket soon and maybe even write up the pattern in a way that others (not just me) can read.

Saturday will be a dyeing day so hopefully there will be new things in the shop. Unfortunately I have to figure out a way edit and post the new items in the shop but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.


Sarah said...

Hope the computer is soon fixed. I know the pain of having a non-functioning one.

Congrats on getting so much done. I finally picked up my sweater again tonight. Hopefully I'll get a bunch more done watching tv tonight.

I think I'll be in NYC in about a week...

Lin said...

Oh no, I hope it all gets sorted.

Code Purl said... prob's are the worst.

I noticed the use of "female connector" and "orgasmically soft" within the same post. Where is your mind lately?

Anyway, we miss you at knitting group. Hope to see you soon.