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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lazy Saturday

I should be doing my work for accounting class but instead I'm working on the Cabled Riding Jacket for our Ireland trip. I'm just about done with the charted bit and then I have to spend some time trying to understand the written instructions. Hopefully this will all happen today.

Tonight we have yet another birthday dinner for my brother (he turned 30 on May 23rd, man is he getting old hahaha). And afterwards Carl and I are going to get back to planning his little trip. Of course this trip means I can't go to Sock Summit this year but  sometimes you just have to be selfless. Poor me, I have to go to Ireland instead...

I doubt any will care but I'm very excited so I'm going to share. I finally found someone on ebay who was selling the complete Poldark Mini-Series for Region 1! I don't know if any of you ever watched this but I used to love it when I was kid. I used to check every PBS station, no matter where I was, to see if I could catch an episode. I've been looking for the tapes or DVDs for my little (read: HUGE and obsessive) movie collection for years. Last night at about 11pm I had a feeling I should check ebay one more time and there it was. And the seller had 8 copies! EIGHT! And now he has 7. I can't wait for them to get here. Hopefully I can kick Carl out of the house for a few nights so I can hunker-down on the couch and watch. And one want to take a cute, nice, funny, half Argentine man for a couple nights? But you have to give him back!

OT: I'm currently watching How Clean is Your House and they have a blind man vacuuming and waxing the wood around the house. I'm very impressed that he does all the things he does. He spends his day riding horses and mucking stalls....very impressive.

OK back to work... 

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