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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mothers Day Update

I finished Mom's present early last week, gave them to her on Sunday and she absolutely loved them! She makes a great foot model too! I used the Althea pattern by Kirsten Kapur and 2 skeins of Louet Gems. She's on a pink-kick at the moment so she was super excited to have pink socks. We then ate some breakfast and headed over to Flying Fingers in Tarrytown so she could find some yarn. Of course she found all sorts of pinky things she wanted and of course I fell off the wagon and bought 14 skeins of yarn to make the Cabled Riding Jacket from Loop-d-Loop. In my defense, I only did this because I knew I would only make the thing if I actually bought the yarn for it so I seized the moment and made the purchase. The silk shawl I'm working on is about a finished. I need to pick up more yarn for the edging but I haven't decided what I want to do yet so I'm going to put that down till the weekend and swatch for the jacket.
I think I was inspired to make the jacket 1) because it gorgeous and 2) because I'm in the process of planning Carl's 30th birthday trip to Ireland. I know its an extravagant gift but I love the kid and he really wants to go so I'm scrounging up the cash and scouring the travel guides to find the absolute cheapest way to do this trip. So basically, if I'm not working, dyeing (shop update this week woo) or knitting I'm looking at flights and hotels and if you have any tips, ideas or deals you know of please send them my way! I was originally planning to go during the off-season but things changed and we're now going at the end of August so my planning has been ramped up.
Ok back to work...I'm a busy busy bee!


Beck said...

Here is an idea for the Ireland thing: Arthur Frommer has a blog and he posted something about Aer Lingus doing cheap cheap trips/packages to Ireland. The website is and the link for the blog is on the right.

Lin said...

Great socks! I'd love to visit Flying Fingers. It looks like the perfect yarn shop!