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Monday, March 16, 2009

It does exist!

I always thought that Wollmeise was the knitter myth. That is didn't really exist because I've never seen it and I can never get my hands on any. Then my friend Jovi sent me a message saying that she managed to snag two skeins of it and one of them was for me!!! So I now have my very first Wollmeise. Its soft and beautiful and I just wants to fondle it all day and night. I love it!! Thank you Jovi!! 

Now I'm off to take care of Carl because he has a cold. I've been clorox wiping the house so I don't get sick too.


soknitpicky said...

Hope Carl gets better & you stay well. What will you do with your new goodie?

ekgheiy said...

Hm - I've never heard of Wollmeise. What's the scoop on it? Is it really expensive or something? :-/

Gnat said...

Even though I see it I still think it's a myth. I have not had a chance to hold it in my hands. Until then it's a mystery!