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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Long Week

Its been a while since I posted and I apologize but this week has been super crazy. Sunday night I found out that my grandpa had a stroke. I spent most of the early part of the week worrying about that till I finally was able to go home and look at him to make sure he was ok. He's doing great and I'm very happy that it was just a mild stroke. Unfortunately, this scare made me behind in most of my work this week so the second half of the week was spent playing catch-up.
I managed to mail out the club orders on friday and I can't wait for everyone to get theirs, spin them up and post them on the rav group. Its a great group of women...I don't think there are many men but hopefully one or two will sign-up for the abbreviated memberships.
Yesterday I went with my good friend Ms. Choo Choo to CT for a knitting day with a lady she met through sock wars last year. I had a great time and met some really awesome knitters. There was one lady who was like a knitting god. She was a wealth of information, was super sweet, generous and was so friendly. She kept mentioning all these great design books and Ms. Choo Choo and I sat there trying to commit them to memory. I dont think we remembered any of them but maybe we can email someone who knows this lady and get a list. I did find out that there's a knitting store in Jupiter, FL which is where we will be spending a long weekend at the end of April with some friends (all boys) and there's also a minor leaguage baseball team. So the plan is to drop the boys off at a game tell them to drink as much as they want and then head to the store. Or maybe I can just leave them in the house was a couple 12 packs and tell them to go town and I'll be right back? Hmmm, I think I'll come up with a few more plans just in case.
I'm almost done with the second sweater I'm designing but the weather has been too warm to work with 100% baby alpaca so Ms. Choo Choo and I decided to cast-on the Lady Eleanor Shawl Thursday/Friday night so we could start working on it on Saturday at the little knitting gathering. I had been listening to old Stash and Burn episodes and they mentioned the pattern. I happened to buy a lot Noro Matsuri that day and decided I really wanted to make the shawl. I emailed Ms. Choo Choo that night to find out if she had the pattern and she was very excited to hear that I wanted to make the thing because she had it her queue forever. So we decided to do our own little KAL.
Carl was on vacation all week and got back last night so I spent the evening with him and we past out early. I woke up at 5 am (or 4 am depending on how you look at it since we fell forward last night) and just couldn't go back to sleep. I watched Friday's episode of Mistresses and knit till Carl woke up. We had breakfast and of course I then passed out on the couch till 12:30. I've spent the rest of the afternoon updating the shop. Now I think I'm going to settle into my knitting again and maybe watch the first season of The Tudors till Carl gets back from work.


Jen said...

Alyssa! Your blog! It's lovely! You're lovely!

Sending good vibes from BA...

Dora said...

We so enjoyed having you at our knitting day. Our Fairy Yarn Mother as we call the "Knitting Goddess" is the sweetest person on the earth. She gave the list of books to Choo Choo.