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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Death Cab and Booties!

I would just like to say I apologize for any weird font issues in this post, Blogger sucks sometimes

The Death Cab concert last night was great. I managed to meet Carl on the right platform so we could head out to Brooklyn together. I hate meeting people on subway platforms. If you don’t into the right car it can become a terrible mess rather quickly and cell phones don’t work down there so you can’t really call and find each other. I stopped at a little luncheonette to have a drink before the concert. There’s nothing like a cold vodka tonic on a 90+ day to make you feel better. We met Sarah and headed over to her bus. Those tour buses are pretty freakin sweet. We hung on in the AC during the opening act and had a beer. We went into the venue which is this old city pool that they use for concerts and I got to stand about 2 feet from Ben but I didn’t get to talk to him or anything. They played a great set till the storm rolled in. The wind was so bad they had to end early. Concession tents were lifting up and the hanging lights were swinging pretty bad. The crowd basically ran to get to the subway before the rain started. We said a quick good bye and thank you to Sarah and ran (sorry I ran off with your memory card). We made it to the station just in time. Ending early was actually a good thing because I had to work at 7:30am this morning and if we had stayed out any later I would have been a complete zombie this morning.

Picture time:

Ben singing…

Me backstage (I believe that’s Sarah’s smoke behind me):

I love this one:

Me and my knitta Sarah:

I almost forgot, I’m now holding onto Sarah’s yarn purchases from earlier in the tour to make room in her suitcase. I can only assume that this is so she has room for more.

Ok, time for some knitting content. This Saturday in WWKIP day and our Sit n’ Knit group is meeting in the park to knit and we are asked to bring some charity knitting if we could. I checked out the charities they were collecting for and I decided I could make a simple pair of booties for premature babies by Saturday (maybe even a couple pairs?). I have all this baby yarn left over from this baby blanket I made for a co-worker and I thought I could use that. Well…worsted is a little thick. I did make one bootie in about an hour but I think I will need to run to the store tomorrow and pick up some sport weight or maybe even fingering. I still think its super cute!

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Bea said...

Sounds like a fun time. Love the little bootie. So cute.