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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Its actually starting to look like something!

This is my favorite part of sweater knitting. It actually looks like a sweater or at least something that will one day become a sweater.

It's Sunday so I have the apartment to myself. I love Sundays. I'm supposed to clean up a little but I really don't want to. Maybe I'll knit a few more rows and see if I'm up to it. Its the Puerto Rican Day parade today so I will definitely be spending the day inside. Too many people make me nervous. I hate parade days.


Sarah said...

It looks great. I found this fun yarn in Chicago that I thought would be great for this sweater. But I didn't know how much I would need.... so I left it in the store.

Wish I was in NYC... I'd come join you for you day of knitting. I'm going to sit by the pool with mine. I just turned the heel of the second sock yesterday. So hopefully will get most of that done today so I can start on the next pair. (My pattern is still all F-ed up.... I need to just choose one and stick with it... )


kim said...

Oh, wow. I had to check and make sure I hadn't written this post myself. Then I remembered that I live in CT, not NYC. Enjoy your knitting day!