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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Home with nothing to do

I took a sick day today because I woke without much of a voice and I don’t think it’s really appropriate to be talking to clients sounding like a drag queen. So I’m spending the day knitting my somewhat cowl. I have finished one sleeve and have moved on to the second one then I just need to do the ribbing at the neckline and its done!

Camping was fun and relaxing but the rain that came through Delaware on Friday was a bit of a pain. Since we were there with a lot of non-campers we had to do a lot of hand holding that night. I’m still shocked that no one ran out in the night and got a hotel room. It was very bad rain and the town lost power for 6 hours so I wouldn’t have blamed them. Saturday started off pretty crappy so we went to waffle house in the morning and then bowled all day. It cleared up eventually and we spent our last night around a roaring campfire. There was some insane drama that took place which I will not discuss because I’m trying not to think about it too much but let’s just say one of the friends is no longer part of the cirlce because he kind of crossed the line and attacked me with his words and his beer. All in all it was a fine weekend, when you take that little drama filled bit out.

I promised pics of my vacation yarns. Since I have nothing else to do today I finally got around to taking pictures.

I got some Rio de la Plata sock yarn

Some sari yarn from art fibers which is just yummy:

Some Prima Alpaca which is super soft:

And some Aurora Yarns Whisper 100% Merino lace weight:

Now it’s back to the couch to watch The Vicar of Dibley.


Sarah said...

Enjoy the day off! Good luck finishing the sweater. I am about 40 rows away from a finished clapotis. Way too many hours in an airport yesterday.

What happened with camping? are you ok? I hate drama.... and I've had my fair share lately...

Code Purl said...

Camping + rain= :-(

We missed you yesterday. JF got a grilled cheese sandwich and was anticipating your comments!

Bea said...

Your somewhat cowl looks great. Its nice to have a day off to work on it anyway. :) The yarn is beautiful as well!

claire said...

That sweater is looking lovely! Sounds like an eventful trip, but at least you have yummy yarn to console you.