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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Plurk me!

Thanks to Lime n' Violet I have started to plurk and boy is it time consuming.

I have spent today really thinking about setting up a little shop over at etsy to sell some hand dyed yarn and when I got home I started purchasing the essentials. We're heading up to Cape Cod in August to see my Gram and I hope to have a whole bunch of yarn and junk ready to head up there with me so I can dye dye dye. I wonder if the family would like to help? It could be interesting, especially when cocktail hour starts at about 5/6 pm when we're there. I hope to have enough "stock" by the end of August to be able to open up a little etsy store so keep an eye for updates. I can't wait, this will be so much fun!

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Eliza said...

good luck with that! I also have dreams like that, too.
Since you asked, I'll be working in Wellfleet, MA. I haven't read the play yet but I think it's rather violent, though it's supposed to be very good.