There's a bit of a sale at the shop!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Little Sneak-Peak of What's Coming to the Shop

I made some more bright colors, some camouflage sort of colorways for the man in your life and some more dark gothy ones since my Inner Goth colorway has just sold out. I'm going to make more of this particular colorway next weekend so there should be more in the shop soon.

I'm having so much fun running the shop and having it be at least a minor success. I just hope people keep buying so I can dye more since I'm really just in it for the dyeing. I've already started planning for the fall and winter seasons. Since I will be unable to dye outside I would like to start dyeing worsted and DK weight yarns in solid colors so you guys can make more than just socks. And I'm definitely going to add a few lace weights in a next month or so as well.

Thanks to everyone who has helped to not make this a complete and utter failure!

Have a great weekend!


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your yarn looks fabulous!
congrats on the shop!!