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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A post from my friend Jess

Recently, as almost anyone who has talked to me, read my posts online or even wandered within earshot already knows, I've decided to adopt a kitten friend for my cat. This led me back to the NY humane society where I adopted Pichu, who had lived there in a cage for 16 months before I brought her home. Visiting the adult cat section is always the saddest as they often have to wait a long time in their cages for their "forever homes" and I know from Pichu's experience that that can be a very traumatic time for them. Unable to bring home 50 new adult cats, I've decided to do one of the next best things and knit some shelter blankets for donation. Would any of you wonderful members of the New York knitting community like to help? As an incentive I've just ordered some adorable kitty and doggy beads (see below) and will make 2 stitch markers per blanket for anyone who makes a donation. If you're like me and have enough stitch markers to mark a 5 stitch repeat in a 1000 stitch row, I can also make earrings, pendants, bag charms and keychains with said beads. I can show some pics of finished stitch markers as soon as I get the beads in the mail, but they'll be pretty standard on 9mm rings with accent beads around the focal bead. For info on blanket specifications you can check out a site like this but really as long as you use a washable yarn or felted wool you can't go wrong. Let me know if you want to join me in this, I'm sure I can arrange with the director of adoptions for us to all visit together if you want to drop off your blankets in person and maybe choose a special friend to give them to.Bead for stitch markers:
Jessica Wright

And if anyone not in the New York area would like to help please email me at kitti2323 at gmail DOT com and I will send you an address to ship the blankets to. This is a wonderful cause so dig into those knitting baskets and start working through the random bits in your stash.



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Daniele said...

What a wonderful thing you are doing. I hope Pichu has a long and happy life with her new mom.