There's a bit of a sale at the shop!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I met my first customer today! She was really sweet and showed me a few of the socks she had made. Unfortunately, I didn't have mush time to chat since I met during work and I had to run back to the office.

I decided when I opened the shop that if someone was in the area that I could meet them or drop off the their order and then they wouldn't need to pay shipping. Now that I've actually had to do this I'm really happy I made this decision. Its really nice to meet the people you sell to online. I feel like you never get to meet your online friends and fellow knitters so it was nice to meet one for once.

I had one other sale since the launch this weekend and I will be shipping that order out near the end of the week. I know 2 customers isn't a lot but it does feel good. It least I know this wasn't a complete failure!

Anyway I'm off to work on my socks for Carl. I hope he likes these because I'm going to push him to be more adventurous with the next pair. And hopefully I will get some sleep tonight and maybe have dreams of these.


ekgheiy said...

Congratulations! Two customers are just a start for you I'm sure. It's more than I had on Etsy ;)

Your yarns are beautiful, so get ready to make many more drop offs, and shipments for those out-of-towners. :)

Lin said...

3 customers!! It must be great to meet one too.