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Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Craziness

Things are really starting to get crazy around here. The Christmas Party season is in full swing, work is picking up as we get closer to year end and just hoping it will all slow down just a bit so I can enjoy the season. Friday we had dinner with friends at Stanton Social which was really great. Carl's cousin joined us and announced that she's pregnant so we're all really excited about that. Saturday we had a friends Christmas party to go to in the West Village. It was crazy. I will post pictures later I promise. There was a Drag-Queen Erotic Balloon Artist. I never knew such a thing existed. I learned that if you give a room full of adults balloon penises and vaginas they will all turn into 13 year old boys and it doesn't matter if they've been drinking. I promise there are pictures of the madness. Surprisingly I was pretty much sober for this party. And I'm very happy about this now because I can remember everything about the night! When we woke up the next morning Carl told me "you're like a prettier Kathy Griffin, the gays and transsexuals your people" Maybe he's right...

Any in all this madness I did manage to finish one of my Anniversary socks and I like it! Sunday my mom and I braved the weather (god was it awful, cold and rain and slush YUCK) and went to Purl and Knit NY to find Moving Mud Buttons. I love this company. I found them when I was at Rhinebeck. I'm getting closer to starting my Knit and Tonic Flair Jacket and I wanted to find buttons from Moving Mud. The only stores that carry them are Purl and Knit NY. I love love love the ones I got. I have two to choose from. I like both of the color combinations but I think I will have to wait till I'm working on the jacket to know which set it will want. I forgot how expensive these buttons are. Even the lady at Purl was shocked when she saw the total. It will be worth it though.

I started the second sock on Sunday night and I think I stand a chance of finishing the pair in a week or so. If things start to quiet down.

I'm starting to compile all the projects I want to take with me to Brazil. I have one more week...then sun.

Its time to sleep. I promise to post picture tomorrow. The battery died and I'm tired. Thank you for listening to me ramble.


NH Knitting Mama said...

Wow, I bet the pics are a riot from that party.

Code Purl said...

I love Moving Mud buttons too. We got one of the shawl pins for JF's mom for her birthday and she loved it.