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Monday, December 3, 2007

Ah that was a nice break

November is over and it was nice to take a few days off from blogging. And though I don't have any finished objects to show you I can show you the progress I have made on my socks. I'm almost there, hopefully I can finish before the week is up.

My god do I need a pedicure...moving on

What I'm really excited about is the idea kit that arrived from Blue Sky Alpaca. I just love all the colors and textures. So now I just have to get my creative juices flowing. I bought it so I could figure out which color I want to use on this jacket pattern (flair jacket I think, I can't remember) I got from knit and tonic. I have had the pattern now for about a month and I can finally sit down with my mom and discuss colors. She recently took a color class and is excited to help. She took it for quilting but the concept is the same. But I think I talked about this in an earlier post.

Look at all the pretty colors...I could play in this box of fun forever

What I really wanted to tell you all about was our experience on Saturday night. We had a surprise party for a friend at this place called Rasputin in Brooklyn. Its this Russian cabaret night club thing. It was insane and cheesy and awful in just the right combination to make it totally fun. We're never going (or at least not Carl and I) but it was fun. There was tons of food and vodka. And there were showgirls. Not good showgirls but showgirls nonetheless. I took a little video clip so you all could experience the cheese that is Rasputin.

Yah it was an interesting place. The whole night people in our party would look at each other and say "be careful or the mobs going to get you" It was a great weekend till Carl woke up sick again on sunday. I got a lot of knitting done while I took care of him but I wish he was getting better. He went back to the doctor today. Hopefully we get this stomach thing fixed soon. I'm getting asked to come upstairs and hang out with our guest so I must go.

Happy knitting!


Courtney said...

Wow, that video is...hmmm... interesting :-) You are stronger than me, I couldnt sit, listen and watch that :-) I have longed to go and visit New York and Brooklyn... Someday.

Code Purl said...

Nice socks. You're almost done! btw I have a knitted cow pattern for you if ur still looking ;-)