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Monday, December 10, 2007

Quite a weekend...

Friday we finally picked up our "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree. Since we won't be at home for Christmas Carl wanted us to get a small tree. Now apparently we have different definitions of small. I grew up in a house where a new room was put on when I was about 7 so we could get a bigger tree. For most of my life the trees were approximately 11 feet tall. Carl...not so much. He was nice and let me get a slightly bigger tree than he had in mind (why I love him) and it made me much happier. We carried the tree up the street and started decorating. On a side note, it will always seem weird buying trees off the street in NYC. Anyway we had a great time decorating and I think its wonderful.

Carl and the tree after the lights went up. He's still a little sick and got dizzy and had to relax.

I had to do a bunch on my own but it was fun I love Christmas!

It's beautiful all lit up!

Carl really liked the juxtaposition of the angel and naked lady...whatever makes him happy

Saturday I found my old ipod mini and put all my audiobooks on it so I could list to them while I waited for the package to come from Mac so I could return the stupid thing and get a replacement. I finally found a number for Apple Care and they told me I had 8 days left on my warranty (woo hoo) so I got a new ipod. Anyway after that I snuggled into the couch and started working on my socks for the December Sock Down KAL which I am participating in on Ravelry. I knit all day. In the afternoon I had a wheat thin and chipped a tooth (incident 1) then in the evening on my way downstairs to bed I fell down our spiral staircase smashing my bad knee into the railing (incident 2). I have cuts and scraps and I'm limping. I hate our stairs. I knew I'd fall one of these days and Saturday was the day. I hate them.

Our stairs of death. House guests beware!

Sunday, with a functioning ipod and uploaded audiobooks I crawled my bruised and battered self onto the couch and resumed my work on Nancy Bush's Anniversary Socks from Interweaves 25 Favorite socks. I listened to "Ruddy Gore" by Kerry Greenwood while I worked. She writes this great detective series with this character Phryne Fisher. She's an awesome female protagonist. Anyway...I managed to turn the heel and complete the instep decreases by the time for BGF came over for dinner with Carl and I. (He just found out today that he doesn't have testicular cancer or a cyst and I"m sooooo soooo happy about the news. I've been worried sick). I decided to take a break at noon and check out Annie's Co. Knitting store on Madison and 93rd since I learned on Saturday that when I stay in all day I hurt myself. I really liked it. The people were very nice, they had a wonderful selection (I picked up the Blue Sky Alpace Cotten yarn I need to make the Flair Jacket in pickle but don't tell Carl I promised him I wouldn't buy anymore yarn for a bit) the whole store was just pleasant. I am going to have to go back there again.

I had a little problem with lace pattern in some areas by all in all they look great. I just wish I had used a different yarn. I think the stripes take away from the lace.

They're not perfect but I'm proud of them all the same.


NH Knitting Mama said...

Your tree is beautiful, Alyssa!

Sorry you've had a couple bad incidents this weekend.

Code Purl said...

Your tree is really pretty and the socks look great too. I'm impressed with all the sock knitting you've been doing lately!

soknitpicky said...

OMG, those stairs DO look perilous! At least you could listen to something while you recovered. Yeah for warranties and catching them in the nick of time! Oh yes, and cute socks too!

~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

Cute tree!The naked picture by it made my laugh! Sweet socks (you sock-a-holic)and the stairs...oh my!! I would fall down it every morning!

Courtney said...

Your tree is really pretty :-)