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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ahhh Ikea!

Saturday we headed down to Ikea in Paramus to pick up organizational furniture items like, new bookshelves, tv stand and cabinet. Apparently, there was a man living in that Ikea for a month or so and Saturday was his last day there and he was giving a little talk and Lisa Lobe was performing. Unfortunately, we were only able to borrow our friend's SUV for about 3 hours so we had to get in and get out (which is hard to do at Ikea). We loaded up the car a few hours later and were very proud of how well we did.

Since it was about 5 when we got home Carl just returned the car and I sat looking at our apartment full of boxes and decided I had to put something together. I started with the cabinet for the bedroom. It was so easy! Then I tried to fit the cabinet doors...I learned that I can be mean person when putting flat-pack furniture together. I did get the doors on eventually. There was just much cursing and slamming before that happened. (PS I have no idea why I'm now typing in italics...sometimes I hate blogger!)

Sunday was our big assembly day. It took a few hours but everything was put together and re-organized and we are much happier people now! Its so much nicer now...

Yah that's Father Ted on the TV!! If you could see the top few shelves of the DVD bookshelf you'd notice I have a rather HUGE obesession with the BBC...Its a problem that I'm very much ok with.
We were exhausted once everything we over. I don't need to tell you that I haven't made much progress on the stockings but I have a good foot maybe of cuff done so maybe I'll have one done soon.
Ok the whole randomly changing to italics is driving me nuts! I think I need to get back my knitting. But before I go I have to share my excitement. Carl and I decided to go away around valentine's day because we need to spend some time together alone. We had discussed staying at the Lizzie Borden house in MA a year ago but never did it. SO today Carl called me to tell me that for our little V-Day trip we're going to stay not only in the Lizzie Borden house but in HER ROOM!! It's going to be such fun if we can definitely secure the room!! I know it's weird but I think it will be fun. A little ghost time!! (I know we're weird but we work)
ok seriously annoyed by the italics, thankfully it seems to have worked itself out...thank GOD


Courtney said...

aIt looks good...Great job!!!

Code Purl said...

Your place looks good. Much more organized with the bookshelves.