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Thursday, January 31, 2008

I heart Ken Mehlman!

This has nothing to do with knitting and I know politics are never a good subject but I love Ken Mehlman! My college sponsored a Presidential Forum thing tonight and Ken Mehlman was a speaker. I do truly love him. He's F&M Alum just like me and I sat at his table at senior dinner. I fought for a seat. My best friend Maggie and I were the only girls and I don't know how excited we were to be at that table. Whatever you're political leaning he's fun. I've heard some pretty great stories from his fraternity days, though I will not share because well I'm not a mudslinger. All in all he's a great guy. It was interesting to hear his take on the upcoming election. It’s always interesting to hear from an "insider".

I also ran into one of my little sisters from my sorority days. We stopped talking about a year ago when she started dating this 40 year old married drug dealer. I love her but I just have too much to lose at this point in my life to associate with people in that kind of life. It was weird. How do tell someone you just can't be her friend because their antics could negatively effect you're own life? She means well but she needs to get her butt in gear. I guess we all group up sometime right?

I also met a guy who played poker for a living. It was actually really cool to hear about his life. I wouldn't do it but it was interesting. He lives with two other professional poker players...I think I hear a reality show in the’s better than woman "fighting" for a man's attention by taking their clothes off right?

It was an interesting night. Back to my coughing...Happy Knitting!!

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Code Purl said...

Yeah, it's rough running into old friends when you've grown apart for a reason.
I hope you feel better soon!