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Friday, January 4, 2008

Last Day in Paradise

So its my last full day in Brazil. I know you all must think I´m nuts to be spending it in the internet cafe but Carl had to do some work so I thought I´d stop in with him. We´re on our way to town to buy all the little artifacts and gifts items we want to bring back to the states. I´m sure we´d both rather stay here since my mother told me it was 9.3 degrees this morning in New York!!
I haven´t been knitting as much the last couple days since I´ve been engrossed in my books. I do have a few things to show you all though. I have started outlining my ``triumphant return home´´ post so get ready for a picture heavy, lengthy post sometime on Sunday!
It will be sad to leave paradise but you can´t stay here forever, unless you´re Brazilian...but that´s besides the point.
Hope you all had a wonderful New (knitting) Year!
(and sorry for any weird typing mistakes this keyboard is very odd)


NH Knitting Mama said...

Well, can't wait to read about your trip, and see LOTS of pics (please?)...

Yes, it's cold in New England, but that will make you appreciate your trip that much more.

Courtney said...

I envy you :-) I would love to visit brizil. Have fun :-)Cant wait to see the pictures.

Code Purl said...

You are def the most dedicated blogger I know! Can't wait to see your pics. It was really cold the other day but more mild now so no biggie!