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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Happy 100th Post! CONTEST TIME!!

So in honor of my 100th post (and since I haven't had a FO in a while and I'm going to the cape this weekend) I thought we'd have a little contest!
I want to know what your fiber fantasy is. No nothing dirty. I want to know what your perfect fiber day is or your dream yarn or project. Anything! I know we're all really into our craft so what's your dream? Do you want to have a pattern published in Vogue Knitting? Do you want to learn cables? Anything I mean it. What do you long to do?
1 for posting your fiber fantasy
1 for linking to my blog/contest (you have to let me know though since I can't really check everyone)
I'm going to keep this going for about a week, let's say next wednessday, I really would like people to have the time to really think this one out. I will then put everyone's name in a hat (one slip per point) and pick a winner! The winner will receive a little package of knitting goodies which I will be MORE than happy to pick out at my LYS (trust me this might be my favorite part). I will then ship it out to you. And don't worry if you don't live in the states you can still participate! This is my thank you to you guys (particularly my regulars) for reading.

I can't wait!!!

UPDATE! I will give an extra point to anyone who can tell me what the either the sock gap or giggle loop are. Of course you get two point if you tell what both are!


Courtney said...

My Fiber fantasy would be to have one whole day to go to as many yarns stores I can and get to purchase anything I would like...not monitary limit....hmmmm....that would be the pergect fiber day :-)

P.S. I linked this contest to my blog :-)

Gnat said...

I love courtney's(she sent me here by the way) and would steal her fantasy but if I can't then my fiber fantasy would be to have a whole day spent knitting with close friends and have a couple hours at a yarn shop and then go around and knit by the beach or park or other locations. A more likely fantasy come real would be a cozy chair with warm tea and my knitting bag. :)

I plan to post a link this afternoon at Thanks for the fun contest!

Sheryl said...

Mine would be to knit all day with friends someplace comfy with yummy food. I would like to learn a new technique (up for anything) and maybe cap off the day with a stop at a yarn shop to buy yarn for a new project with the newly learned technique!
Got this link from Gnat's page.
Mine is linked at:

Gnat said...
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Gnat said...

I hope that works. :) I cheated and googled them. :) hehehe

Sheryl said...

gnat beats everyone to it.

Sock gap info: Is this only for men? Or do women have the same sock gap? If so, I am in trouble as I almost always have socks on.

Giggle loop: grew up going to Catholic services. My mom got my giggling so hard in church that I was excused from service!!

NH Knitting Mama said...

My fiber fantasy... wow, great question! My absolute favorite weight of yarn is worsted weight. I'd have to say worsted alpaca or cashmere would be on my wishlist. I'd love to be able to sit on my cooshy couch with a big 'old cuppa coffee and knit all day, during a snowstorm, watching a chick flick. So, I guess the ambience is as important to me as the yarn itself.

Wendy said...

A came here by way of Gnat's blog...My fiber fantasy would be to go to a LYS and just sit among all the lovely fiber out there, to pet and dream of what I could invent with it...also to be able to sit somewhere all by myself for a whole day and to just knit, without the hubby 2 little ones and 2 cats, no phone to distract me, no t.v blasting in the background, Just me and some gorgeous fiber.......

Courtney said...

1. The giggle loop is the increasing urge to laugh during a moment of solemnity or silence.

2."The sock gap
When is the appropriate time to take off your socks during the process of getting hot and heavy?

Jeff, from the British sitcom Coupling, has a few words of wisdom:

"My advice is to get them off right after your shoes and before your trousers...that's the sock gap. Miss it and suddenly you're a naked man in socks. No self-respecting woman will let a naked man in socks do the squelchy with her." --FOund on

To see a video about the "Sock Gap" go here... VERY FUNNY

Alysia said...

Mine would involve a Car (because I never drive in the city) an unlimited budget and finally getting to see all those lovely yarn shops that are a wee bit too far away for me to visit while taking public transportation. :)

A Sock Gap is when a man is getting naked, between taking the shoes off and taking the pants off in which he has to get the socks off of his feet, because otherwise he'd look rediculous. (at least thats what the urban dictionary tells me)

And a giggle loop is when you in a solemn occasion and you have to giggle and the urge keeps getting bigger and bigger and harder to resist.

Heide said...

The fiber fantasy day MUST take place on June 21st to ensure the maximum amount of natural daylight. I'd be awakened to hot coffee, pastries and pre-wound silk, cashmere and my favorite needles. No telephones would ring, no children would cry and my husband would be able to find his own underwear. My only "breaks" would be to occasionally stretch my hands out for a massage by Sven. And who is Sven? Why he is my own personal knitting assistant of course. Sven would bring me chocolate, coffee refills and turn the pages in my knitting books. I have no idea on earth what I'd knit... it doesn't really matter. The idea is that I'd be uninterrupted and free to knit!

Miss T said...

My fiber fantasy would be to have a large quantity of laceweight cashmere, and to be able to design a really gorgeous shawl with it.

ikkinlala said...

My fibre fantasy would be to knit a sweater that fits me perfectly and makes me look good. I have not yet attempted to knit a sweater for anyone other than a baby (and they are usually easy to fit, because they'll grow into things). In my fantasy, my sweater is soft, warm, and comfortable and lasts for a long time.

The sock gap is the period of time during foreplay (between shoes are removed and when pants are removed) when it is permissible to remove socks. It may or may not apply only to men. The giggle loop is when you need to laugh at a time when you're supposed to stay silent. I haven't watched the show; I have my friends in one of my classes to thank for this knowledge.

Nicole said...

My fiber fantasy would be to have no spending limit at Maryland Sheep and Wool. Last year I went to SAFF and was bedazzled by all the vendors and fibers I can't get anywhere locally (well, say at my LYS's). I spin and knit and am always on the lookout for *new* and *luxurious* and *colorful*. I had such an amazing time at SAFF! I have been knitting for 5 years now and spinning for 2 and have been hearing about Maryland much longer than I have SAFF. If I had unlimited funds and the amazing quantity and variety of vendors at Maryland, I would be in fiber ecstacy. Fibergasms! (gigle) I have no doubt that I would be able to easily replace all the insulation in my house with fiber. No doubt whatsoever.

Darcy knotty Knitter said...

My fiber fantasy is to win cashmere and silk yarn as I would never be able to afford to buy it. No nothing dirty.My perfect fiber day is a class at a yarn store so I come away knowing a new tchnique or pattern that I wouldnt have figured out on my own thats bliss:) Dream yarn some gorgeous unique hand spun yarn Dream project The Lizard Ridge Blanket I know we're all really into our craft so what's your dream? Own my own yarn store;)
Iam linking to your blog contest
my addy is
Sock Gap:Crawling into bed with socks on and having to kick them off in a hurry;)
Giggle Loop:The uncontrollable urge to giggle in quiet places like church;)
Congrats on 100th post!!! Darcy

Queen of the froggers said...

My yarny fantasy is a shelving unit full of every yarn in the universe to just take my pick from, and a personal yarn shopper who brings me all the new products as they are released.
I think I may have missed the deadline for this but its fun anyway!!

knitisses said...

Hi* congrats about the #100!!!! I think I'm still in time to enter... here it goes:

My fiber fantasy is to learn how to dye and spin. I'm really curious to try that! The other one is to have a store in Portugal with good yarn, so I wouldn't have to pay millions of Euro with post charges, and could feel it and embrace it before I buy it! Oh... How important is that?...

Your contest is linked in my blog ;)


K. Anne said...

congrats on 100!
My fiber fantasy would be just having some quiet time to tackle a good and complicated pattern. I would love to be able to sit down with some yummy laceweight yarn and knit a lace scarf or shawl without worrying about what's on the stove, which child is doing what, or what the hubby may need. lol! But then, if I had all that free time, I wouldn't know what to do with it! :)