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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Am I the only one who doesn't Twitter? I plurk, I facebook, I rav, I I need to twitter? Knitty twitters, our congressmen/women twitter, mothers, fathers, seems like the whole world twitters but me. I hope I'm not missing anything.


Jo said...

I don't tweet! The consensus among my friends and I is that fewer people in their 20s tweet. I think it's a strong theory, because I know very few people my age who use twitter, and my friends who are 30+ ALL use twitter.

Sarah said...

I refuse to tweet or what ever the hell they are calling it these days. I don't have time for such things. Nor does anyone need to know that I'm in aisle three of the grocery store.

You are not alone. :)

ekgheiy said...

You are totally NOT alone. I'm already on Facebook, and so I fail to see the point in me signing up for yet another account to do just what Facebook already does with the status update function.

Someone explained to me that the appeal of twitter lies in its simplicity, and people who use twitter are those who *don't* want the added complexities of an application (ie Facebook) such as load time, bandwidth usage and the many other functions that they would never use or that just don't interest them.

Using a cell phone as a comparison: I would never get a Blackberry because it would be waste considering that its vast features don't appeal to me for various different reasons; a simple dial-and-talk type phone would be more appealing to me because I would never use it for anything else other than short and/or occasional phone calls. In this example, Facebook is the Blackberry and Twitter is the very basic model phone. In that respect, I can now understand the Twitter appeal; even though it doesn't actually appeal to me.

For me, Twitter would just be ANOTHER account to log into and update. And for now, my scope of new age communication is pretty happy with email, Facebook and my blog. (Oh, and LinkedIn for my professional networking.) :)