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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Where does the time go?

I can tell you...Tax Season! Now that the busy time at work is over I can safely resume my knit-blogging. I wanted to write something several times over the last few weeks but all I could think about was how tired I was or how annoyed I was with something at work. I vowed that I would never discuss, particularly in a negative way, work, family or friends on the blog and I think I would have broken that vow if I wrote earlier. Now that the stress is lightening up and I'm returning to regular Alyssa (not stressed out, shrilly bitch Alyssa) I'm back and I've been bitten by the knitting bug.
I had Good Friday off and spent the morning/afternoon working on the Rosebud Vest. I got the pattern and yarn from the Brair Rose booth at Rhinebeck last year. The pattern has you knitting in pieces and I hate pieces so I knit the faux-cable patterned bottom flat and then joining in the round to do the St st part till the armpits and then back to flat. I finished it about an hour before I had to leave to catch that train to Mom's (ok I started it Wednesday night, I'm not that speedy). I quickly threw it on so I could admire my handy work and realized that the straps were too short so my neck whole was tiny. I was very bummed. I need to do some minor surgery on the thing one night this week. But its basically done and I can't wait to wear it to Rhinebeck next year. 
When mom picked me up at the station that evening we made a wrong turn on the way back to the highway and I spotted a knitting store I had never seen on that street before. I made her park and we went in. Apparently, Flying Fingers is no longer in Irvington, NY but moved to Tarrytown, NY. Where was I when this move happened? Anyway, we bummed around in the store for a while. I made her flip through Naughty Needles and we had a good laugh. Mom picked out some yarns she liked and I bought them so I can make her some presents. I've already cast-on something for Mother's Day. I'm not going to say much about it till she gets it because she might read the blog (you never know with my Mom she's a very good lurker). When we were done (and I was broke) we strolled around town for bit and got back in the car. As we were approaching the exit that would take us to Nyack and to Jane at Knitting Nation I asked if we could go to the knitting store as she turned on the blinker to get off. And we continued our spontaneous yarn crawl.
The last time we were at Knitting Nation Mom bought two pattern books and no yarn. This time she wanted to get the yarn for at least one project but we had to find the pattern first. We were in the back of the store with Jane going through piles and piles of Debbie Bliss books till we finally found one of the sweaters. Mom then re-organized the Debbie Bliss area and scurried off to find yarn. I flipped through the new Sally Melville book Mother-Daughter Knits and fell in love. You know how everyone was head-over-heels for A Fine Fleece? Well I didn't get it but I now get how they felt because its exactly how I feel about this book. I want to make everything in it. In fact I bought the yarn to make the Reversible Tank right then and there and cast-on first thing Saturday morning. I worked all day on it (between dyeing) and begged Mom to let me bring it to church on Sunday (she said no) and I finished it up Sunday night! I love love love this it!
Anyway, Saturday night I took a wee break from the tank and helped Mom swatch for her sweater. In doing so I realized she was twisting her stitches and had to correct her knitting. I thought it was funny that I was re-teaching the woman who taught me but she soon got the hang of it and was ready to cast-on for real on Sunday before Easter dinner. I hope she's actually working on it now that I'm back at my place. I told her that I want her to have at least one handknit item to wear at Rhinebeck this year. Maybe she'll listen...
I finished the Lady Eleanor wrap about a week or so ago and its gorgeous. I think I added too many additional rectangles but that just makes it more comfy. I really love it and so does Mom. I nearly left it at her house this weekend and I'm sure I would have never seen it again if I had. Other than that I have no other FOs and I'm just working on Mom's Mother's Day present so I can get it done and move on to the ribbed sweater in Mother-Daughter Knits. I have 900 yards of worsted Brair Rose yarn in this lovely pinky colorway that's just itchin to become that sweater...
I promise pictures next time. Thanks for stickin around (if anyone actually has).


Code Purl said...

Welcome back! I've missed you.

Lin said...

I am here! Can't wait to see pictures of the wrap. x

Eliza said...

welcome back!

I taught my mom how to do a long tail cast on... me teaching the woman who taught me how to knit, and who needs no help from me.