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Friday, April 24, 2009

New Rules

Choo Choo and I have becoming up with new rules regarding stash enhancement:
  1. No wool till August
  2. If we go to an outlet-type store (i.e., webs) we are allowed to buy wool if a specific project is in mind and we have not purchased yarn for said project on an earlier date.
  3. Store credits and gift cards can only be used if they expire before August OR if we're buying non-wool and/or books
  4. Books are ok - as long as they have a larger purpose - such as designing and we will try to BORROW from each other more - if one of us has a book - with the exception of a handy designing book cause that's a like a text book or a bible

Let's see if we can stick to them. And Yes I quoted you Karen.


loopykd said...

Why would you do that? Why?

Lin said...

Bets of luck ... I never keep my stash ideas!!