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Friday, August 24, 2007

Interesting Reading

The other night I was reading this article in Interweave Magazine (I think that was the name) about this lady, Althea Merback-IGMA, who does miniature knitting. And when I say miniature I mean miniature. But she re-makes paintings on tiny little sweaters. Its nuts!! I couldn't believe that 1) someone could knit that small and 2) knit with the much detail at that size. It is quite remarkable.

The next day I decided to try and find her online because someone like her must have a website. So here is her work: check it out. There are some amazing things on the site. She does beautiful work. I couldn't imagine knitting anything so tiny. I think I would go blind. Also, I think my boyfriend would kill me if there were tiny sweaters everywhere. He already gets mad enough about all the people size clothes that I leave around the place. The tiny ones might just push him over the edge.

So after sitting here at work all day I'm a little bummed. The new yarn still has not come. If I have to wait any longer I might have to start another project. Baby bootees do not take long enough and if I start anything bigger I may never finish. Plus work is too slow but its not like I can whip out the knitting bag and start purling. I wish I could sometimes. So I don't know what to do now. Do I start something new or try to move as slowly as possible through these booties? I can't go much slower!!! Difficult decisions all-around.

I am happy that its finally warm and sunny outside all the rain and gloom this week has been killing me. So think I'm going to leave a little early today and go scope out the yarn stores in the area. I keep seeing places on my way home from work but I never stop so....tonight, I explore!!! There is a place on 14th and 2nd Avenue that looked really cool called Knit New York ( It's a yarn/knitting store and a coffee shop which I thought was neat. I unfortunately have to go in the opposite direction to get home so I guess I will have to save that for another day.

I'm excited for my knitting adventure though sometimes I wish I had people to go with me. I guess that will have to wait till I can attend my first knitting group meeting which won't be till after labor day. I am excited though to meet new knitters. I wish we had an event today but alas we don't meet for a few more days.

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