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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Yarn Frustration

After ordering from and now I'm a little frustrated. Neither site gives you any information regarding package tracking which I find very annoying. I have no issue with the service or products but I like to be able to track my package. Especially when I order yarn to arrive on a certain day and it doesn't. I really want the new plum colored yarn for this jumper to come today (like I paid extra for it to) so I can start tonight. The lingerie project is a-go but I think it might be a little more advanced than I am. I'm not scared and I'm not giving up but I think while I work on this more advanced project it would be good to work on this easier one.

Here's a shot of the jumper I want to make but I have no yarn. Why I paid extra for 2-day shipping I don't know.

When I say more advanced, I mean that I have never had to do any shaping before and the bra and panties set really requires a lot of shaping. I think that if I work on the jumper, which requires some shaping, while I work on the lingerie the lingerie will come out much better. However, if this new yarn doesn't come before I leave for the Cape I will have to work on the lingerie and risk it not turn out as well as I'd like. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!

By the by, I started the book I mentioned yesterday. Its very good. The author has some very interesting stories and writes well. I like that she sounds more hip and modern than one might expect from someone writing about knitting. But if I'm any representation of a knitter then knitters MUST come in all shapes, sizes, ages, colors and types.

I've been looking around for yarn shops in Cape Cod and I found a working sheep farm that makes their own yarns. And its down the street from where we're staying this weekend. I'm currently trying to get my boyfriend interested but I don't think it will happen. Maybe my grandmother or stepmother would like to join me on a little adventure but I doubt it. It looks like I might have to go this one alone. Oh well...I do have lots of fun on my as it is. C'est la vie!

Will that yarn come already...

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