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Thursday, August 30, 2007

One More Day...

I can't wait for vacation. So its only 4 days but its 4 days I can spend doing nothing but knitting shopping and spending time with the family. To me that's a perfect vacation.

I did some research and its looks like there are two knitting stores "near" my grandmother's house out on the Cape, Adventures in Knitting and Ladybug Knit Shop, both of which will be open while I'm there. I can't wait to explore new knitting stores. The one's in NYC can intimidate me sometimes. Some of the women (and men) who run them are very sweet however many of the others can be a little...well...bitchy. When I walk into one of "those" stores I always feel judged like I'm not advanced enough to be in that store. Maybe that's just a New York thing who knows but it will be nice to try out new places and maybe I'll come back with some fun new yarns! I don't know if I should look for something for a particular pattern I want to try or if I should just get whatever catches my eye. I wonder what other people do...I think I feel a poll coming on!! If there is anyone reading this is your time to speak out!! YAY!!

Oh and I finally found a way to track my package from and it is out for delivery and will arrive today. Note to self, never order from there again.

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