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Monday, August 27, 2007

The Reveal

Last night I let the boyfriend in on my secret...this blog! He giggled a little but thought it was really cute (I'm thinking he meant that in the best way possible). I explained how I couldn't talk to him too much about my knitting because, frankly, he's not that interested. My solution, to talk to the imaginary people who might possibly ever read this. Hey, if anyone is actually reading this let me know what you think. It would feel great to know someone actually cared about my rambling re: knitting. But till then I will continue to ramble to the imaginary people to save my boyfriend the horror of having to listen to hours and hours of knitting related stories and ruminations.

The whole "blogging" phenomenon is interesting. I've never gotten into it before. I think I tried once when the whole thing started to become popular and I just found it stupid. Who wants to listen to my daily whining? But at that time I had no topic to be excited about or to even talk about other than myself and who really cares about the stupid college drama I was "dealing" with at the time. Then I graduated and started looking for jobs and I started to hear all these stories about people being judged by what was out there on the Internet about them. I never got into the whole myspace craze, though I do have a facebook account because that's what you did in college but I don't use it all that much. I guess I just didn't see the need to put myself out there in cyberspace till the knitting. Who cares is my boss finds my latest knitting related entry. He's not going to fire me over too-big-bootees! And I get to nurture my excitement and honest to goodness love of knitting. And maybe make a few cyber knitting friends along the way? Who knows? Its not the point really. I love having a place to just let out my inner knitter where I won't be judge. I'm just glad I got the blogging bug about knitting and NOT about anything I could get fired for hahaha! But of course I never do anything bad...

Last night I finished the bootees though I'm still looking for something nice to trim them in. Essentially they are done. I still think they're too big. I think I'm going to re-do them just not yet. After I finished them I was stuck with nothing new to start. The new yarn hasn't arrived and I don't like having nothing to do. So this morning I hopped on and ordered yarn for a different project. I found a very sweet jumper in Knit-1 magazine that I would like to try. I ordered the yarn for 2-day delivery so I know I will have something to knit starting Wednesday. I leave for Cape Cod on Friday and I would hate to have nothing to knit, especially for the drive since the boyfriend doesn't let me drive (and its my car!). The only good thing about being a passenger is that I get to knit for 4 hours straight and maybe when I come back I'll have a new jumper!

OOO I think I'm going to research yarn/knitting stores in Cape Cod. I hope the boyfriend doesn't mind a few stops!

Of course the new yarn for the sexy bra and panites just arrived. Oh well two projects at a time. I really am becoming an experienced knitter!!

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