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Friday, November 30, 2007

Contest...not mine but still

So there’s a contest over at my cyber knitting friend Anna’s blog. What would you do with $200 to spend on knitting related goods? This was my answer:

I don't know. But based on how I spend when I have some extra cash put away
for a "knitting-spree" I think I would buy whatever caught my eye or sense of
touch. I don't think I could be "practical" with my purchases. I'd probably walk
around the store or fair (i'd like to be a fair if I had a choice) and just feel
and see everything I could. I just buy whatever called me to it. I love color
and soft textures. I like to feel like I'm melting into the fiber. So anything
that makes me feel like that I'd buy. Sometimes you just know you and a couple
of hanks are meant to be. And well a cool knitting bag. I have a problem with
knitting bags.

Yup that's what I'd do.

The contest runs till Friday (TONIGHT) at 7pm.

Good luck!

And I’m officially done posting for the month. I need a break…hopefully when I get back online you will have a new pair of socks to ogle. I’m becoming WAY too obsessed with sock knitting.
Happy end to blog post month!