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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

If only I had a camera

I was walking to work this morning and see a little old lady walking a little white fluffy dog. You’d think that would be normal? No this poor dog had purple ears and a purple tail. WHO DYES THEIR PET? I wanted to grab that poor dog and take him to a safe place where people wouldn’t dye him. What is wrong with people?

Anyway, I haven’t fixed my vest disaster because I just don’t want to look at it right now. I’m too mad at myself to even cope with this issue. I did start the Gossamer Stole by Sharon Winsauer last night. I’m using a very pale blue colorway of Lacey Lamb by Jade Sapphire so it will either be my “something blue” if I get married at any point or it will be my old-maid shroud. We’ll see.

Other than working on the store to try to make it successful there’s not much else going on.

I hope you all have a great week!

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choo choo knits said...

I love Jade Sapphire but can never bring myself to spend the money on it without a specific project in mind. In the meantime I'll just keep using up my el cheapo Lion Brand to make room for the 'someday'