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Friday, September 5, 2008

L&V Made My Day

I'm sitting at work today have a really crap day. I'm listening to the new Lime & Violet Episode happily chuckling away at their antics when they review my shop! I couldn't stop giggling with joy! They're the best. They always make me laugh and its nice to have their approval. Thank you thank you thank you! I got back from work late tonight and I still have some more work to do tomorrow but it doesn't matter because I'm on cloud-9!

I'm hoping the hurricane doesn't ruin my dyeing plans on Sunday. I don't think my mom will let me dye indoors since she's already a little mad at me for dyeing a tiny tiny tiny tiny spot of her deck blue the other weekend but I guess she can't complain if there's a hurricane blowing through now can she!

I'm off to relax and watch all tbe Brit-coms on PBS while Carl's at the Mets game. I'm making a lot of progress on my Back-to-School Vest and hope to finish it up this weekend.

Happy Weekend!


Eliza said...

that's really awesome!! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...



Lin said...

Yay! You are famous! Your spinning is great.

Anonymous said...

That's GREAT news! Congrats!

~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

Thanks for the sweet comment! :)