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Friday, September 12, 2008


I was blessed to have inherited bad teeth. Yah, they look perfectly fine but I'm waiting for the day when I start setting off metal detectors with all my fillings. Because of this I had to have a tooth extracted this morning. It was beyond saving and will now have to be replaced by an implant. So I have spent my morning and afternoon stoned on the pain meds, sleeping on the couch and watching crap tv. Carl is working from home today so he can take care of me but everytime he sees one of the gauze he makes a face and looks like he's about to bolt, the poor guy. But I'm very glad he stayed. It means I don't have to go up and down the staircase of death to get things like my pillow or shorts.

I hoping I can stay sober long enough to finish the Back to School Vest. I'm on my last strap and then I can seam up then do the neck and armholes. I need to find a US#5 16 inch circle though, do you think Carl would run out and grab one for me? I do have an in progress picture:

Yah its upside down but I can't be bothered to rotate it at the moment. And I guess it kind of expresses how I feel at the moment.

Thank you all for your support with my zit. It was just so annoying to have someone pointing it out all the freaking time. Its nice to know that many of us suffer from this from time to time.

Ok I guess I should lie back down because the meds are wearing off and the pain is coming back. Stupid teeth!

And I apologize if this makes no sense at all.


Sarah said...

enjoy the effects of the pain killers! Sorry you had to lose a tooth though (how I know that pain-- 20 teeth pulled out). Hope you are soon feeling better!

Wish I could come hang out on the couch and knit... I miss doing that!

loopykd said...

Don't worry, it all makes sense. I love the vest and good luck with knitting while stoned. I am well versed at that with my sciatica. I am watching the Word Series of Poker though. Crap, but great crap, if you ask me.

~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

I know how you feel. I always have multiple cavities every visit (should I have any teeth left by the time I'm 30- probably not.) and will always suffer through adult acne. It sucks.

Anonymous said...

I have made the Back-to-School vest too, nice pattern (even if I have to rip half of it and re-do it .... some day ...)


Robin said...

I have my implant surgery tomorrow! I have three baby teeth that never fell out, that have no permanent teeth underneath. I had an implant done about 7 years ago in a less-invasive manner but it failed now, so we have to go the full nine with the "sinus lift" etc. Won't go into the gory details, but that's what I"m doing tomorrow. Hoping those pain meds are good.