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Saturday, September 27, 2008

YAY Weekend

I'm so happy it's the weekend. For some reason this week has taken a lot out of me. Between the migraines, work and family woes I'm just plain tired. It's a good thing this weekend is going to be crummy because I need a little hiding in the house and knitting time. 

Last night I stayed in because of migraine but once it started to get better I just couldn't sit still. So in preparation for my first ever ravelry ad, which will run through the month of October, I spent the evening reskeining everything that I have in stock and taking new pictures. I'm really impressed with how well everything turned out. My arm is tire
d from all the reskeining but it was well worth the effort. 

And I have ever so many FO and WIP photos for you all today!!! 

First, I finally sewed in all the ends on my Back-to-School Vest and here it is! I love it! I feel preppier already (because that's possible). 

Second, I had myself a little felting party the other night and now my french market bag is all done! I love it. Its big and room and not bulky at all. The interesting thing is that it seems to help keep one side of me very warm when I'm using it. Who knew a purse could do that?!

Third, I took a pic of my progress on the Gossamer Stole. I haven't got very far but I also haven't messed up yet! I think I'm going to just take it slow and I hope to continue my lucky streak of not fucking up!!!

And last but not least, I started the Oo la la French Press Cozy from Yarnplay at Home with some cascade I had lying around. I decided that while I work on this GIANT lace shawl that's more invovled than anything I've ever knit before (no pressure) I need to work on little projects that are simple and will knit up quickly so I can't feel like I'm accomplishing something with my knitting. 

Carl keeps waking up in the morning to find the coffee press on the coffee table but no coffee in it so he puts it back in the cupboard. Last night when he came home he saw it out again and decided to finally ask me what the heck was going on. I explained that it was my model and I think he felt relieved. I think he thought he was going a little insane there or that I was trying to tell him something. I wonder how he's going to feel when he sees the completed pink and kelly green cozy...tee hee. I guess that's what you get when you live with a girl!!!

Ok now its back to the vegging. I love weekends!


Bea said...

The vest is cute! Love your work in progress.

I hope the ad generates lots of business!

Robin said...

Your BTS vest looks great!! Very flattering and perfect for fall, especially since vests are so "in" this season.

Rebecca said...

ooooooo, look at all those pretty projects! love the vest and that darned market bag.... i've meant to make one up for years now, but have a felting aversion.