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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

How about a little contest?

Today is October 1st which means its officially the start of my birthday month!!! (yes I am that annoying, at least you all don't have to live with me) Anyway, I thought we'd do a little contest! My birthday is on the 17th and I will be at the New York Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY that weekend so I thought I could bring back an extra special prize for you all! 

This is how things will work:

  1. Tell me your favorite birthday story. It can be funny, sad, happy, embarassing...I don't care just share one of your birthday memories. - 1pt
  2. Link to the contest and let me know you did so I can run over and check - 1pt
  3. Tell me who sent you here if you found your way here from another blog or even ravelry and that person will get an extra point! (YAY recruiting others!)
Number of Points will equal the number of times your name is put in the proverbial hat! I will select a winner on Monday, October 20th 10pm (NY time). 

Now get crackin!!!! 


Stacy said...

My favorite recent birthday was a celebration with a large group of friends at Buca de Beppo. First, because I love that place and second because we had the Pope Room and the John Paul bust kept staring at us... it was a little creepy. ;-)

I linked you over in my blog...

Happy birthday month!! I'm a big fan of celebrating as long as possible too.

pdxknitterati said...

I'm all about the birthday month. Mine is in September, right when school starts, so the traditional Mom's First Day of School brunch (buncha friends with champagne & goodies) is also my birthday celebration! We've been doing this for about 8 years, and it doesn't get old.

Happy birthday!

Cheers, Michele

Sarah said...

hmmm... i get bad birthdays. Guys I date forget them and don't call (skipped that part this year).

i think this year was funny when mom had no birthday candles to put in my pie (didn't want cake this year) so my brother took a votive candle and sat it on top of the cake for me.

I'll be linking from my blog... when i get around to writing something again.

happy birthday month darling.

Karen said...

Hey, fellow Libran. My birthday is actually today, and my fave b'day memory has to be last year's -- my 50th. I'd told my husband I wanted a party to celebrate, so we were getting ready and I'd gone out to pick up a few last-minute things. Came home to find my two nieces, who live in Toronto, standing in my front hall, yelling, "Happy Birthday!" in unison. In the middle of hugging them and being all surprised and happy that they'd managed to come, I glanced up, and saw my sister -- their mother -- coming down the stairs! She'd come all the way from Hong Kong to Ottawa for my special day. Well, I just lost it -- nearly smothered my sister, I hugged her so tight, and my husband took all kinds of very unflattering photos of me weeping into Wendy's hair (she's a lot shorter than I am).
Oh, and later that evening, my best friend showed up from was a totally rockin' party, the best birthday of my life, and I felt literally surrounded by the people I love the most.

I'll link from my blog tomorrow, promise!

Oh, and I found your blog via Stacy, over on A Rosy Outlook.

loopykd said...

My birthday is the same day as yours. I love October so much and I do the same thing as you. Birthday month! Woohoo!

1. My last best birthday was in 2004. I was going to post this on my birthday and explain it but I had such a good birthday it totally slipped my mind. Before this one, the last birthday that was perfect and lovely was in 2004. It was my 40th and my dh took me to Pechanga for the weekend. I am a gambler and a poker player and he planned it without me knowing. He planned dinner at the fancy restaurant there and when we sat down, they brought my favorite drink without me even ordering it (or him ordering it). He had made arrangements about it when he made the reservation. We had dualling massages in the spa and ordered a movie in the room and I didn’t even gamble but for 10 minutes. It was truly awesome and here is the horoscope that appeared in the paper that day. Needless to say, David is a Sagitarius. Here is the link to the horoscope.

2. Link forthcoming.

3. I got her on my own volition. I think that should count for a point since I was already a reader! New people shouldn't get more points!

Lin said...

Heres to us October birthday people! (mines on the 9th!)
My worse birthday was when I was about 5 or 6 and I had a party. My sister went and spoilt it all by putting her knee through our glass door and ending up in hospital, she was fine, just a few stitches!!

choo choo knits said...

I'm a sucka (or is it just us Libra's who are the MOST important of all the signs???)...

Here's my blog link...

Fun Birthday facts...

1. I'm almost ALWAYS sick with bronchitis so I'm used to a mellow celebration at best

2. Best party I ever threw myself was for #30 - private bar area in NYC, lots of friends, leopard pants, leather vest top, and cowboy hat (what's not to love about that?)

3. Furthest away from home birthday celebrations were in London (1993?) with my sister and Grandmother; in Hawaii (1997); and VEGAS BABY (2002?)

4. Favorite gift from a boss: A couple years ago our company had their annual meeting on my birthday and all the execs were there. One of my bosses left me some work with a post-it note (which i still have) that said "Please print/copy/whatever and bring over to meeting for me. p.s. Happy Birthday").

5. Best 2008 B'day gifts: a gift card from Kaleidoscope Yarns (Vermont) from 3 co-workers; an umbrella swift; and a knitting secret as yet to be announced!

teabird said...

My best birthday was my 20th. A friend and I drove up to Plattsburg, NY, and camped (not something I usually do!) for a couple of days, including my birthday. I met a guy there who loved, loved, loved James Taylor, and we spent hours just sitting and singing songs by James Taylor. Lovely...

I got here via Ravelry -

teabird / ravelry

happy birthday! I love your yarns.

betzi said...

Wow, I will be at Rhinebeck on my birthday too--on Oct 18th to be exact! How cool!

Anyway, one birthday will forever stick out in my mind: my 7th. It was a beautiful day and I had a houseful of friends and family to help me celebrate. Family would also happen to include my younger brother, who was 4 at the time. My brother was obsessed with the Hulk (yeah, the original!) and my best friend J. Somehow he thought meshing the 2 was a good idea and he was trying to show off by pushing a swing in hulk-like fashion over his head. It came crashing down smack into the side of his head and he bled EVERYWHERE. My friend was naturally horrified and my brother had to get stitches. The party went on and he was back in time for cake! The funny thing is, he still insisted on sitting by my friend, and of course she had a wonderful view of his bandaged up, newly shaven head. Yeah, it was a pretty memorable one!

I happened upon this contest via knitting with homespun: . My own blog is here: . Come by some time and say howdy!

Wendy said...

No way!!! I just stumbled on your blog and I'm totally an Oct 17th baby myself!!!! And I'm such a dork that I celebrate all month long too!!! Must be a Libra thing...

Kenyetta said...

My favorite birthday memory was when I turned 8, I had a cake shaped like the number 8, my party was in the community center, we played musical chairs, and had fun!
My oldest, her birthday is October 15th and on the 18th we are doing her first slumber party with manicures and facials and pizza and movies. Should be fun too!
I hope you have a good birthday!

katerina said...

Hmmm.. birthday story eh? For my husband's 30th birthday (in Jan) I threw him a surprise birthday party and although normally not that great at keeping secrets managed to make it a really good surprise. What amazed me more was that in Nov. of that same year, I turned 30 and he not only surprised me with one, but had managed to make me think he wasn't going to do much of anything for it!!
Oh, and I got here from Ravelry - I love that place! Can my vote go to Casey and Jess?

Aunt Kathy said...

I always remember my 15th birthday as being special, but can I tell you why? NO, it just was. Also every year once we were a teenager our dad would take us out to dinner at a grown up restaurant just the birthday girl and him. Those were very special.

Now every year, my mom and my two sisters and I always celebrate our birthdays on the same day in a Mexican restaurant and we flirt with the waiter and say OLE when we eat a red chip. One year the ceiling fell in on us in our booth, omg that was funny.

This year however (my birthday is 11-5) I am having a life changing surgery and from here on out this year will always be the birthday I LOVE the most.

I have added you to my side bar contest section and will blog about it later today as well.

I found you on the Ravelry Blogger group.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY from another New Yorker (only Upstate)

sailorcross said...

Happy Birthday Month!!

My very favorite birthday was my 13th when my mother presented me with 4 tickets to the Rolling Stones concert in Baltimore. My sister, a cousin and a friend went and had the time of our lives!!!

My blog is I'll link to you when I post later today.

I found you from Aunt Kathy's

Happy Birthday Month again!!


ikkinlala said...

I've been away from home on my birthday for several years, and for a while none of my friends here even knew when my birthday was. Last year one of them had me over for the day and we played cards and watched a movie, which was nice for a change.

One of my more interesting birthday memories involves a picnic in a ditch beside a highway. We were looking for agates that had fallen out of the bank.

I got here from Aunt Kathy's blog.

Tasha said...

My best birthday story also happens to be my first. My parents had planned a big to-do for my first ever birthday, but it happened to be in December, and in the Northeastern part of the US. The threat of snow has never stopped anyone, but that year there was a BLIZZARD. Not the blizzards you get now, mind you, thanks to global warming, but a good 6 feet of snow. Nobody was going to venture out of the house for a birthday party a kid would not even remember.

So they scratched the plans. My parents made a bunch of cupcakes, and had them cooling on the kitchen table. My one year old self must have realized the call of chocolate (that urge has not since left me!).

I climbed out of my crib, and somehow snuck into the kitchen unnoticed (cue the "Mission Impossible" theme song, please). I ever so gently removed a cupcake from the table, and scurried to the back of the house.

Five minutes later, in a panicked frenzy, my mother, who had been looking all over for me, found me in her bedroom behind a clothing hamper. I was covered in chocolate, and giving her the most innocent look in the world, as if to say: "What? Did you want some?".

And yes, there are pictures. And no, I won't share. Nyah-nyah!

I've linked to you on my blog:

Happy birthday!

Katieann said...

Hi, My favorite birthday was the only birthday party I had ever had. I just turned 50 on Oct. 19 and I had a halloween party. Every one dressed in costumes and we had a wonderfull time. I am going to be 60 this time and am hoping my friends are throwing me a party this sat. It is a halloween party again. Aught to be fun. Keep up the great work. I love your designs. Huggggs, Katieann from the gathering room. HAPPPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYY!!!!!!!

agnes said...

happy birthday Alyssa! my favorite birthday memory is from a few years back when my now boyfriend threw a small surprise party for me. the hit was a pinata stuffed with fruit which got completely bruised during the poking of the pinata!