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Monday, October 13, 2008

It finally happened

I am officially an adult. Its Columbus Day, I have no work, we just got back from a 9 hour drive, I'm still in my 20's and I cannot sleep passed 7 AM. Yup, you heard it here first, Alyssa is all grown up.

Its just a few more days till my birthday and Rhinebeck!!! I'm starting to get excited!!! I've been making a mental list of all the things a want to get and see but I'm sure that will be thrown at the window about 20 minutes into the first day and I'm going to spend like we're not in a global recession. will be fun.


soknitpicky said...

So jealous of you and all the others going to Rhineback. I think you guys are the ones who are gonna end this recession!

Wendy said...

Have fun and celebrate a little for me too!

Sarah said...

LOL. I'm not sure one morning of not being able to sleep makes u an adult.

I tried to reply to u earlier... But my iPhone didn't have it email... So the reply floats through cyber space.

I can't wait to hear all about rheinbeck... Wish I could go! And be there to celebrate ur birthday with u! I miss u!!