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Friday, October 24, 2008

Why I can't have nice things...

I got up early, grabbed some coffee and my spinning and sat down at the computer to check ravelry quickly before I started my spinning. Next thing I know I'm spilling my coffee all over our BRAND NEW LAPTOP while Carl stares at me in horror. Next thing I know I'm jumping up to get paper towels, dumping the coffee out of the computer onto the coffee table (yah that has a whole new meaning now) and running to the bathroom to start blow drying the keyboard dry.

I guess I'm not spinning this morning and I guess I will have to drink my coffee before I get on the computer in the morning. 

At least its friday!


choo choo knits said...

I'm just waiting for the phone call that S.J. spilled something permanent on her brand new sweater - that'll teach me! :o)

Happy Friday - one more week 'til VA!

J.Fo said...

Ironic that in the previous post you were concerned about merely drooling on your keyboard.

BTW, by way of profession/practical advise, backup everything on that computer ASAP.
Jen and I both use this service...totally worth the investment (like $50).