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Friday, October 24, 2008

Scaring the "In-Crowd"

I finished book in the Southern Vampire series (the books True Blood is based on) last night and had nothing to read on the bus this morning so I grab my copy of In Sheep's Clothing that I just received yesterday and headed out the door. I got on the bus, found me a seat and started reading. Next thing I know the little fashionistas on the bus are looking at me all strange-like. I started to chuckle a little inside, is it wrong that I found/find enjoyment in frightening them just a little?

Today I raise my geek flag a little higher!

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Beck said...

That's funny! I must apologize for not getting in touch with you about meeting in NYC this past weekend. I ended up only having one full day in the city and saw two plays so I didn't have any time. I will be returning one day so hopefully we will meet in the future.