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Monday, September 3, 2007

Cape Cod!

AHH!! The Cape!! How I miss it already. We just got back to the apartment a couple hours ago. I'm almost unpacked and I hate unpacking so I'm stopping to write this which is much more fun. I had a great time and I managed to squeeze in a few knitting stores while I was there. The first place I went to was on friday. The place is called Kristal Sunnyside Wool Shop in Brewster, MA. The lady who runs the wool shop, Heather, was very sweet. I drove over to the shop which is next to the house she shares with her husband and family shortly after lunch on friday, in the pouring rain. The shop and house sit on 6 acres where they raise their own sheep. I parked in their crowded driveway and ran for cover into the shop. There was this very sweet faced lady, Heather, sitting at a spinning wheel hand spinning their yarn with her cat at her side. The shop was quite small but filled with beautiful natural wool yarns as well as handspun yarns. They shear their sheep and either ship the fleece to Maine to be machine spun or Heather hand spins the fleece. The colors were beautiful and the hand spun yarn was so soft and luxurious. Unfortunately, I didn't pick up any of the handspun fleece because it was a little out of my price range (approx. $20 a skein) but would have been well worth it had I purchased any. I did purchase 8 skeins of the machine spun wool in four different colors, all heathered. You can see the colors in the photo below.

We had a lovely conversation about the weather, New York and of course, knitting. All her skeins are approximately 220 yrds which is great. And the machine spun wool was only about $5 which was nice. I suggest that if anyone is in the area and the shop is open (call ahead because the shop doesn't have set hours) stop by. They have a website too check it out.
Saturday we went out to Provencetown and shopped. All non-knitting purchases so I guess I don't really need to go into detail. I think they were all kitchen related but I can't remember. I also stopped by a store in Harwich Port, MA called Adventure in Knitting. It was a very nice big store which many lovely yarns and knitting supplies. I walked in and there were two older ladies working there. I think they were a little shocked to see someone so young walking into a knitting store alone! Anyway, they immediately asked me if I needed help which I think was half them just doing their job and half because a 20 year old just walked in, I kindly declined and just walked around the store. Sometimes its just nice to walk silently absorbing the colors and textures. There were soft cotton and cheniles, rough wools, cashmere, acrylic...oh so many textures and colors. It was wonderful. I didn't end up buying any yarn because I couldn't think of what to use any of them for and I don't have all the money in the world and the boyfriend would be very mad at me if I couldn't pay the bills because I bought too much yarn. Though I could make many sweaters to keep us warm when if they turned off our heat hahaha...Anywho...I picked up a ball winder but didn't get a swift because I seriously thought that I could wind a ball without one. I was wrong. My step mom helped me and it worked however it was very messy. So I now have to buy a swift but I don't mind, trying to wind that ball was such a laugh it was worth it! I think the store has a website but I can't remember it. If you search for Adventures in Knitting it will popup.
Sunday, we went to Rock Harbor at low tide and walked out. Of course I brought my knitting bag because who wouldn't want to knit with this to look out on?

I walked a little with the family and then came back and pulled out my knitting. It was a very nice morning.

I spent the weekend working on the 1930's bra and panties set that I talked about a few posts back. I got a lot of it done this weekend. I have the whole bra knitted I just have to finish it and I'm almost done with 1/4 of the panties. These are all the pieces so far:

My family was very intregue with my knitting. The boyfriend is use to seeing me absorbed in my knitting but I don't see my father, step mom and grandmother very often. I guess they haven't had the chance to get used to it. Last time they saw me, knitting was just something I knew how to do, now its an obession. Anyway I would wake up, grab some coffee and start knitting. I would knit after lunch and dinner. If we were home or at the beach I was knitting. They were shocked. I would catch dad watching me from time to time. He was absorbed in my knitting which I thought was neat. The relaxation it brings me seemed to have brought a relaxtion to him as well. My step mom would like me to re-teach her since she hasn't tried to knit in many many years, I said I would. Next time I see her I think I'm going to make her a little "learn to knit" kit and sit down with her. It will be fun to share my hobby with someone.

All in all it was a fun and very productive vacation.

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