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Sunday, October 28, 2007


Friday morning we left for Chicago for Carl's cousin's wedding. I am an awful flyer so to get me through I of course brought my knitting! I worked on the sock on the plane and with the help of the little blue bottles of joy they sell I made it to Chicago without flipping out!



Friday night we managed to see a little of Chicago. Mostly I saw the Loopy Yarns while Carl paced around the block for apparently 45 minutes. I think I lost track of time while I was in there oops! I picked up some Lorna's Laces Lion and Lamb in Vera so I can make the shrug below (which I am not starting till I finish a few more WIPs) and one skein of Silk Rhapsody in this gorgeous orange/pink/gold.


I just loved this graffiti on the way to the store.

Then we grabbed some margaritas at this place Lola's before having dinner with friends.

Then it was wedding wedding wedding all Saturday. Today we hopped on a plane so I made a little more progress on the sock which is great. I have about 2 inches to go on the cuff before I do the heel flap. I'm getting there. I'm starting to think that I should just frame this one when it is done and then start an actual real pair of socks that don't have all my little mistakes in them. Its just a thought.


I just love my little black sheep stitch marker. So sweet.

I'm exhausted though so its going to be an early night. We definitely had a fun filled couple of days. I just got this fortune cookie, I think its trying to tell me something about my knitting ADD.


Code Purl said...

Wow, that fortune cookie really is trying to tell you something! There's an idea: fortune cookie fortunes for knitters. Confucious says every sweater begins with a single stitch ;-)

Alyssa said...

Repeatition is the path to enlightenment!

~*~Knitting Up A Storm~*~ said...

ooooo! Is that a sock I see?!? yay!