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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Thank God For Knitting

I don't have much to say tonight since I spent most the night taking care of the boyfriend and then 10 hours in the ER so I'm exhausted. And I have another night of taking care of him ahead of me. Thank god we have a 3 day weekend coming up so we can both sleep.
And thank god for knitting. If I didn't know how to knit I don't know what I would have done today at the ER. 10 hours there just waiting and talking to doctors and waiting. I decided to bring along the yarn for Anna's charity afghan squares and thank goodness I did. I thought it was more appropriate to knit for others than for myself given the circumstances. And I'm happy to say since this whole illness thing started I finished my first three.

Here are my three. I'm not sure if she needs me to knit all of them or if I can do something a little more fun with each square. Anna, let me know. I loved this really bright happy yarn. I think it will make some one very happy. I also think many sweaters were made from this yarn in the 80's. I can't wait to finish all 20 squares and send them over to her. I have a few other happy bright colored skeins just waiting to be used.

And in case you were wondering he's ok. Just a bacterial infection so as long as I can get him to take his meds and keep the fever from coming back we'll be fine. My dad says I should take a nap now since I'll probably be cat-napping throughout the night while I take care of him. So it's time to take care of both of us (and clean the apartment so the germs don't spread). Sometimes I'm so happy I'm a woman. We can handle anything and we don't need sleep.

Happy Knitting!


NH Knitting Mama said...

Glad you'll have the weekend to recover! Your sqares look nice and soft. Good thing you had the knitting with you!

ekgheiy said...

Knitting comes in handy in so many occasions for sure. Rest up and get well soon, both of you!! :)