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Monday, October 15, 2007


So Carl and I had our normal end of the work day conversation. "when will you be home?" "what should we have for dinner?" same old same old. He told me two things that make me feel bad...1) I have to put my clothes away and 2) he said I can knit all night but I have to put my knitting way. Oooops I didn't mean to act like a child. I guess its all the good spirits that my upcoming birthday has brought. Plus I know there are knitting related gifts coming in under 48 hours and well I can't wait to see what I get...ok turning into a child again. Time to get home and knit.
Sorry can't focus today.
Oh almost forgot. I finally got my invitation to Raverly (YAY!) so check me out there as well. I think my username is APratt23. If I'm wrong tell me.

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ekgheiy said...

You know, I thought maybe I was the only one who didn't put my knitting away. I have needles and balls of yarn and patterns scattered all over the place. *teehehe*

Welcome to Ravelry! Guess what username is ... Hahaha ...

... Although, I don't go there much. I'm waiting to get excited about it again.