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Monday, October 22, 2007

HP Shockers and Socks!

There was an article in the UK Observer yesterday which reports the Dumbledore is gay. In an interview JK revealed that this beloved character was gay. What a shocker but then again who cares…but it is some incredible news!

Last night I started my first sock. I’m just using the basic pattern in Ann Buud’s Getting Started Knitting Socks and its ok. There was a little bump in the first couple rows but I’m just going to keep going. This is my practice sock so mistakes are ok. The only big problem is that I’m using super fine yarn and size one rosewood needles. Oh and the yarn is sort of rosewood colored but that’s only because I couldn’t find my green sock yarn in my basket and the redish one came out first. I don’t think I was thinking when I bought all my supplies. This just means it’s a challenge and I accept said challenge. I have the entire plan ride to Chicago on Friday to devote to socks (and not flipping out). I’m hoping I can get to turning the heal by then so I can spend the flight working on the more labor intensive part.

Wish me luck!


ekgheiy said...

Welcome to sock knitting!!!! As I'm sure you'll see, they are really not as scary as some people make them out to be. The only thing to beware of is SSS: Second Sock Syndrome, that dreadful phase of the project where you're finished the first sock and, for various reasons, you can't seem to make the second. I've been a victim of SSS and my reason was that my fingers really hurt after the first sock. This was a long time ago when I was still fairly new to knitting and my tension was super tight. You'd think I was trying to build a suspension bridge as tight as I was pulling my yarn back then! :)

Luckily, I relaxed since then ;) Happy sock knitting!

La Cabeza Grande said...

I, too, started out with that one practice sock. That was just 18 months ago. Now I'm an addict, willing to make socks for anyone that will accept them - and that's just about everyone!

Email me for any Chicago info! Safe travels :o)