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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Someone has been bit by the hobby-bug

Something interesting seems to happening in my apartment. The hobby-bug must have come sometime over the last few weeks and bit Carl as well. He took up the guitar about a year before meeting me and is still very much a beginner. He hadn't played in a long time but over the last couple weeks he's been pulling out the guitar and practicing while I knit. One night I was knitting and he just whipped out the guitar and his old books from when took lessons and started practicing his scales. Now scales are annoying and are made even more annoying when the person playing them still does know their way around their instrument so I'm not going to lie and say it's wonderful and romantic and yadda yadda yadda. I hate the scales. What I love is that we're both finding something we're passionate about (other than each other). I want to ring his neck sometimes when he's playing (at least knitting is a quiet craft). But then again he wants to kill me most the time when my knitting magazines, books, supplies...etc are strewn around the room so I can't say much. What I can say is in the end I love the nights when we sit together engulfed in our personal passions struggling together to become more proficient. I would trade it for anything in world. Plus if he keeps it up he'll sound much better and I won't want to kill him anymore!

I also promised some pictures of the sock. Its progressing well. I had a couple bumps in the beginning so the ribbing is off. But this is the practice sock so onwards and upwards as they say (who are "they" anyway??)

so its coming along I really like the yarn I bought. The ribbing got a little messed up but its fixed now.

see small hole developed and I'm not sure how I also created a couple extra stitches when moving the yarn back and forth for the ribbing. I have to be more careful when I do this for real.


NH Knitting Mama said...

The same thing happens at our house, as my hubby plays guitar, too! He's beyond beginner, though - trust me it will get better and more enjoyable.

Code Purl said...

JF plays the guitar while I knit too! It's nice to be able to turn the TV off every once in a while. He tends to play the same tune over and over though. The next day I'll be like why is "More Than Words" stuck in my head?!

ekgheiy said...

Aw, that's such a cute story!!

About the small hole in the sock ... I noticed that I tended to have a small hole where I join the sts to start the round. A little while ago, I read a sock knitting book at Barnes & Nobles about a tip to get rid of that. When you're finished casting on, switch the positions of the first and last st; put the first where the last one is and put the last one where the first one was. I've been doing that with all my knitting in the round projects and since then, I've not had any problems with the little holes.

I've also been meaning to try this: cast on one extra st than the required amount, slip the extra st (which is the last co st) and then do a psso using the first co st). Seems like it would work ... :)

J.Fo said...

For the record, I haven't played "More Than Words" in months. Even I am sick of it.
The song I constantly play is "Old Love" by Eric Clapton.
Anyway, I should recommend that, if the noodling on the acoustic is annoying, you can get him an inexpensive electric guitar for Christmas. He can practice just the same sans amplifier and it way less loud (barely audible to anyone but the player).
Try one of these for the Les Paul "rocker" style Epiphone
or a Squire for the traditional Fender Tele or Srtatocaster look.

~*~Knitting Up A Storm~*~ said...

Whoot whoot!! Sock pics! Lookin' good!