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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Embarking on a long weekend

So I was just sitting there at work with my ipod on reliving my high school years with a little “Motorcycle Drive By” by Third Eye Blind. I always loved this line for some reason “Where's the soul. I want to know, New York City is evil. The surface is everything, but I could never do that, Someone would see through that.” So in the spirit of the lyrics we’re off to Chicago for a wedding and hopefully a little yarn shopping. Carl had agreed to let me go to ONE yarn store…how kind of him.

And since he's such a kind and caring boyfriend and its supposed to be a little chilly in the winding city this weekend I made him a hat which I started last night and just finished. See I do love him. And it was my first ever hat! After two months of him not liking any hat patterns but wanting me to make him one he finally decided on the simplest hat ever. If only I had known 2 months ago...Anyway, Viola c'est complet!

I just had to try it on too
UPDATE: This hat pattern can be found in the Fall?winter 2005 issue of Knit 1 Magazine. I think you can still buy back issues from Sixth and Spring Books.


NH Knitting Mama said...

Great hat. What pattern did you use? And, great yarn choice, too! Have a great trip.

Code Purl said...

That looks like it fits well for your first hat pattern. Mine came out super big when I tried to revise the pattern for my second try came out teeny tiny!

~*~Knitting Up A Storm~*~ said...

Sweet hat! I love the yarn (and color) you chose. :)