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Monday, November 10, 2008


I finished the Winter Twilight Mittens. I even weaved in the ends!! 

They're perfect!

Now all I have to do is finish my:
  1. Gossamer Shawl
  2. Clapotis
  3. Mesh Gloves
  4. The Argyle Socks for my Grandpa
  5. Brother's Christmas Present (shhh its a secret)
  6. Swirl Shawl
But I think I might cast-on a Baby Surprise Jacket for one of Carl's nieces but then I have to think of something else to make for all the other little ones in his family. That means I have to figure out 3 other little kid/baby project that will whip up relatively quickly. Any suggestions?

Ok I'm going to get back to Inside the Actors Studio and enjoying my very warm and stylish hands!


Jo said...

These look great! I'm just now experimenting with my first fair-isle swatches, so I'm very impressed. It's taking me a while to get a hang of the two-handed knitting.

For a cute, quick baby pattern, I suggest the February Baby Sweater, by EZ. I've made two of them. If you replace the lace with plain st st, it makes it a bit more unisex.

soknitpicky said...

Beautiful mitts! I love the color combo. As for the kid/baby knits, I say that one should not indulge too much in "obligatory" knitting--ie. you don't *have* to knit something for each of them just because you knit it for 1 of them. If you really want to, though, hats are pretty quick. There are lots of cute toy patterns around that are quick to knit, but you have to watch for ones that take a lot of time to sew up. Another option is to buy (gasp!) a store-bought sweater in a good-sized gauge and then duplicate stitch a cute motif or pattern. There are tons of charts on Ravelry and elsewhere on the web

Lin said...

Lovely gloves! You have a lot of knitting ion the go.

Code Purl said...

Your mitts are awesome. I agree with soknitpicky. If you have a pattern in mind for one niece just make it for that one. Most kids aren't going to fight over a handknit sweater the way they would a toy (although we know it's a way better gift). I think most people understand that handknitting is a craft and you can't just churn things out and make duplicates so everyone gets one.

a friend to knit with said...

these are fantastic.
i am so in the mood to knit some fair isle mittens!