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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sleepy and Stained

Since the rovings basically sold out in a day I needed to go home today to dye up more. I managed to dye about 8 more things of roving, 5 skeins of lace weight, 3 special skeins for my friends at L&V and 4 bulky skeins for a christmas present. I'm totally exhausted and my hands are all stained. I never know how to explain the stained hands when I go back to work the Monday after dyeing. I wonder if anyone really notices my blue, pink, brown, green...whatever color fingers. I wonder what they would say if they knew. Maybe they don't notice but I should really be more careful when I'm dyeing. 

I also picked up one of my 6 (Yes SIX) textbooks for the CFA I exam that I'm taking in June. I guess life as I know it is over till exam is over. Its going to be weird studying again but I need to do something to further my career. So study it is. I tried to start on the train tonight but I kept falling asleep. I guess I can start tomorrow when I'm rested.

After reading the comments I think I have to tell you all that I do wear gloves while I'm mixing and dyeing but I think I get dye on me during those times when they're off. I think I need to pay more attention since I just attract dirt.

Oh and can someone explain to me the point of yarn dots?


Sarah said...

sounds like a fun day!! I think you need to get some gloves to wear while dyeing... To protect your fingers from odd colors.

And I think the dots are to decorate your crocs... It's the newest fad!

Bea said...

Pretty sure there is no useful thing to do with them. Just decoration mostly.

Maybe your fingers will fade? Have you got gloves so they won't get as bad?

Eliza said...

I can't remember what kind of dye you are using, but you should probably get some gloves. That can't be safe. Even if it's just Kool Aid.

Sounds like your business is doing really well! That's so awesome!